Learn to See Problems Before They Happen & Solve Them Easier By Being More Present

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By Anne Cacherell

Last weekend at the salon, my hairdresser named Shayne and I were talking about different breakup stories, both funny and horrifying ones. Of course, she shared her own story.

Shayne’s boyfriend of 3 years used to live with her and they were talking about settling down.

That’s why she got really confused when he told her that he was planning to move to his cousin’s place.
Apparently, his cousin’s parents would be moving abroad and they wanted him to live with his cousin for at least a year to maintain the house.

Since it was temporary, she allowed him and even helped him move to his new place. When they finished unpacking all his stuff, he invited her to dinner. All day though she felt that he was extra quiet and detached.

Before she left, he handed her a letter and told her to read it when she got home. She started to worry.

As soon as she reached her place, she began to cry. She was thinking how stupid she was for believing that it was all for his cousin and for even helping him move out. She avoided answering his calls that night and decided not to open the letter until the next morning.

One way to waste time is to try to solve problems before they even happen

She was up all night. When she finally had the courage, she opened the letter only to find out that it was their electric bill receipt with a note written at the back saying, “Paid it all so you won’t have to worry! Miss you already.”

How many of us are guilty of worrying about situations that we just create in our minds?

Time and energy are wasted whenever we let ourselves get distracted by negative thoughts.

Living in the present is a self-initiated action. You have to decide for yourself whether you will allow these distractions to block you from realizing what really matters and to stop you from performing what you need to do.

Staying in the now is not that easy; however, there are simple ways to help ourselves “be more present” so that we can have more control of our lives and no lessons from our past will be wasted.

It’s all about taking things to the next level, reducing stress and increasing your happiness.

Of course, we have to start with self-acceptance or embracing our imperfections. We all have flaws. Once you start to love yourself, you’ll feel better and more relaxed.

So, whenever you’re having a hard time, try to step back, take a moment and breathe.

The simple act of noticing our thoughts can broaden our awareness, give us peace of mind, and help us take control of our lives.

There are also other ways to reach your inner peace like this technique called “sudarshan kriya,” a yoga-based breathing exercise that proves to be an incredible alternative to mindfulness.

It is a form of active mediation wherein you tap into the power of your breath by lengthening your exhales.

When I tried this, I was thinking I was inhaling positive energy and exhaling or releasing tension.

Ladies, enjoy “the now” by celebrating it with your friends and loved ones.

Lauren Mendel teaches us how to be more present in our friendships through 7 simple ways.

She mentions unplugging from technology and remembering important dates. I must admit I’m guilty of these things and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Girls, despite being busy with our careers, love life, and obligations, we have to prioritize our friends too. We should stop neglecting our precious relationships and should make time for the people who matter in our lives.

Healthy relationships are essential to success and happiness.

Dr. Ivan Misner has some interesting advice to share – “Partnering With Your Competition Could Actually Give You the Competitive Edge.”

In his 5-minute video, he shared his own experience on how he managed to expand his network by collaborating with his competition.

It may sound ridiculous, but sometimes your “competition” is the person who has the greatest impact on your ability to accomplish goals and fulfill your purpose.

Improving your “bad relationships” strengthens your ability to adapt to uncomfortable situations.

Invest time in improving relationships that could impact your life and hold key resources that are pivotal to your success.

It’s all about the value of the improvement and the positive effects they can have on your life.

One way to live in the now is to be in the know.

Knowledge is power. With it, we can avoid mistakes, hack our lives to make it easier and help us prepare for what’s coming.

Speaking of preparing for the future, here’s something to be excited about – “Samsung Just Patented Smart Contact Lenses With a Built-In Camera.”

Move over, James Bond! This wearable technology transmits recorded data to your smart phone and captures video footage through a simple blink.

The key to achieving peace of mind and happiness is all in our minds. We cannot bring back the past and no one can tell the future. The best choice is to be present because it is all we ever have.

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