Ladies, Make Use Of Your Extraordinary & Divine Powers to Achieve Your Dreams & Create a Better Life

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By Vanessa Green

Change is the law of life. You cannot avoid it and the more you try to resist it, the more difficult life becomes. So, whether it is a result of choice or chance, you have to be careful on how you respond to it because it can dramatically change your life for good.

The problem is that many people are not aware that they have the power within them to deal with change. So, activate these 4 divine powers to gain control of your situation and to attain a more fulfilling and happier life.

Power to Adapt to Anything

Although change is the only thing constant in life, it doesn’t change the fact that whether it’s for better or for worse, one can never be too prepared for it. Unfortunately, most people have limited sight or vision and are blindsided by their self-doubts and resistance to change.

To be able to own your ability to adapt to anything in this life, you have to keep an open mind and an open heart. Being broad-minded and perceptive enables you to find ways to figure out how to get through or around obstacles.

I left my country three years ago and moved here to the Caribbean. Adjusting wasn’t easy because everything was unfamiliar. There was a void inside me that nothing or nobody could fill. Luckily, I was able to find ways to feel settled even though I was more than 10,000 miles away from my family.

Power to Reinvent Yourself

We all undergo difficult changes such as love failures, losing a job, or leaving your friends and moving to a different country. These serious situations may require you to alter yourself, which can be emotionally stressful. However, if you have the right attitude and the right perspective, then you can definitely revive yourself, set a new goal and start a new dream.

After going through a bad breakup, for instance, you need to help yourself rise back from the ashes and be whole again. You might want to focus your energy on feeling better and becoming a happier person. To do that, you should go for an entire makeover, mind and body.

Check this out – “10 Things You Need to Remind Yourself While Getting Your Revenge Body.”

To be honest, the whole process can be really challenging. It’s so easy to lose focus especially when you’re not getting the results that you’re trying to achieve and when things get out of control.

To help you nail it and own it, you need to remember what this whole TRANSFORMATION is all about:

• That you need to keep going for yourself
• That this is about moving forward and not about getting back what you lost
• That you don’t need anyone to feel good about yourself
• That the whole process is actually ENDLESS

Yes, ladies. It is endless. You’ll have to work on improving yourself every day for the rest of your life until it becomes your lifestyle and until it no longer feels like an obligation.

In addition, let me make myself clear that reinventing yourself doesn’t mean that you have to lose yourself. No! You just have to bring out a better and a stronger version of yourself that has always been within you all along.

Power to Control Your Life

How many good opportunities have you missed just because you’re afraid to get out of your “comfort zone?” Sad truth is some people would rather remain stranded in a complicated situation than take chances and make wrong decisions.

Ladies, everything you do, big or small has consequences. And the only mistake you can commit is to not make any decision at all. You are given the power to control your life so use it to your advantage.

One decision will always lead to another; and as long as you keep on moving forward, you are capable of changing directions.

To create positive change in your life, follow the strong personal habits of highly successful people and kick these 3 difficult habits that are ruining your chance to make things happen.

Power to Shine & Stand Out

Ladies, sometimes, you have to remind yourself that you are good enough and that you have the ability to produce an astonishing light of your own being. All you have to do is believe in yourself and always put your best foot forward.

Go above and beyond to keep yourself together. Always look your best and always dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy.

Another way to unleash your brilliance and stand out from the crowd is by maintaining an amazing skin. Writer Kayla Jacobs suggests using rose-infused ice cubes.

This Icelandic beauty ritual can help tighten your pores, reduce inflammation and brighten your skin, making you look younger and sparkly.


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