Ladies, Here’s Proof From Hollywood that Gender Inequality Is Real!

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By Anne Cacherell

Occupational or employment sexism is one of the biggest and most outrageous social issues women are facing today. Surprisingly, it exists even in the most liberated industry, filmmaking.

This video talks about the hard facts that prove the gender inequality and discriminatory practices in Hollywood that people tend to overlook, for example: the ratio of men and women taking the lead roles and speaking roles, as well as the big difference in net worth between top actors and actresses.

In addition, sexism doesn’t only occur on big screen, but also behind the scenes. Let’s take for instance, the case of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) accusing the Directors’ Guild of America of being biased against hiring of women as film and television directors.

Furthermore, this clip also includes a short interview with Maria Giese, an American feature film director and screenwriter, as she talks about some statistical points and accounts of sexism in her 20 years of experience in Hollywood.

Fighting for gender equality in an industry run by men won’t come easy. As a member of the female population, what can you do to stand against gender stereotyping? Tell us more about the “gender disparities” at your workplace by leaving your comments below.


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