Keep the Heat Away! 3 Ways Air-Drying Your Hair Can Keep It Healthy & Happy

Image by: mark sebastian
By Reaghan Belfor

Are you sick of the blow dryer? Do you hate putting heat on your hair? Is your hair getting damaged from the excessive amount of stress you are putting on it?

Well, ladies, these are all very common problems in the world of hairstyling.  It can often be difficult to imagine our morning routines without the aid of power tools such as blow dryers and flat irons, but what if there was a way to ditch the heavy equipment and still get the same great look without doing so much damage to our hair?

Welcome to the wonderful world of air-drying your hair! While many don’t like the idea of allowing nature to have its way with their locks, air-drying can actually be more healthy for your hair than using the heat to control it.

If you are interested in keeping your hair healthy when you air-dry your hair, check out these three ways you can get the style you want while your hair maintains health and avoids breakage.

#1) Products

You use a ton of products when you style your hair with heat. You still have to use products when you air-dry; however, fewer products are needed to maintain the look you are going for, because you get to skip the steps where you add heat deterrents from your hair.

So, don’t go throwing away all of your products just yet, ladies!

The first trick to finding the right products is to look for products that were designed for your hair type. According to Stephanie Nolasco of, these different products might include: “a volumizing spray if your hair tends to fall flat, and a leave-in conditioner with moisturizing properties if it’s naturally dry.”

So, consider all of the different products that are available for your style of hair. Apply these products to your wet hair as you prepare for your air-drying stage.

Now, if you are prone to frizzy hair, consider all of the anti-frizz products available to you now. Many woman choose to blow dry their hair, because it can help you reduce frizz. However, by simply adding a little bit of product when your hair is wet, and perhaps a little more right before it is completely dry, you can avoid frizz as effectively as when you use a blow dryer and a straightener.

#2) Throw Out the Towel

Our first instinct when we switch from blow drying to air drying is to rub our heads incessantly with a towel the second we get out of the shower.

However, according to Stephanie Nolasco of, “one of the best-kept secrets to a successful air dry is the never using a towel for your hair.” This is because towels can actually cause frizz.

Now, it isn’t best to get your pre-styling in when your hair is dripping wet, so a great little trick is to pad your hair into the towel until all of the excess water is gone (i.e. it doesn’t drip so much).

Wring your hair out over the bathtub a couple of times to help you ensure that you are getting as much water out of it as possible. Comb through your hair, and wring it out again. This is a great way to get rid of all of the excess water that your hair is holding on to.

If you absolutely must use a towel, try your best not to rub it on your scalp. Instead, start at the bottom of the hair, and squeeze the towel around your hair. This will help you prevent frizz.

#3) Braiding

Now, let’s talk about styling. There are a lot of different ways to get what you want out of an air dry. First and foremost, you should definitely start by doing pre-styling with your hair while it is still wet. Avoid styling your hair the way you want it while it is wet.

You never want to let your hair lay straight if you are going for a professional straight and down look. Instead, put your hair in a loose braid while it is wet. This will help you avoid excess frizz when you take it down to brush it. For the straight look, as your hair dries, take it out of the braid and comb through it with a fine-tooth comb. Comb straight down and gently pat excess water off with a towel. Add a little bit of frizz-control gel, and put your hair back in the loose braid. When the hair is nearly dry (but still damp enough to mold), take your hair out of the braid completely, comb it straight, and add a little bit of shine product to it.

If you are looking for loose waves, use the loose braid to pre-style the hair, and skip the steps where you take it out to comb it straight.

If you want tight waves, create a tight braid on the top of your crown. Let your hair air dry in this tight braid. When you take the hair out of the tight braid, use your fingers to comb through it, and spritz it with some styling gel or hairspray.

If you are looking for tight curls, add a little bit of styling gel to your hair, and use sponge curlers to set your hair. This is a great way to add volume and sexy spirals to your styling routine.

Ladies, air-drying your hair is a great way to keep it healthy. Many professionals try to bring scolding hot irons to my hair, and they are surprised when I refuse them. I try to explain to them that the reason my hair is so strong and healthy is because I don’t like the heat on it. If you are trying to switch from blow drying to air drying, make sure you know that products should still be involved, towels should be used at a minimum, and there is power in braiding. What are some techniques you use while air-drying? Share with us in the comments below!

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