Is Your Booty Sagging From Winter Neglect? Get Bikini Ready With These Essential Butt-Hardening Workouts!

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By MacKenzie Nelson-Greene

Summer is coming! You know what that means: beaches, and pools, and bikinis, oh my! We do a lot to keep our bodies in shape for bikini season, and it doesn’t stop here!

Many women focus on their thighs and abs right before bikini season, and this can often lead to the bikini bottom sag that everyone wants to get rid of.

Well, ladies, this year, let’s get ourselves ready for our bikini bottoms to go along with all of the areas we have been focusing on to have the perfect summer bodies.

Check out these two total workouts to help you create the best bikini butt you can achieve before you hit the beach!

#1) Butt Builders

When focusing on your butt, you definitely want to start by building it up. This means you want to lift the flab and strengthen the muscles to give you a nice bubbly, hard booty that will look awesome in any kind of bathing suit or bikini you can get your hands on (and your butt in).

To start, get on your elbows and knees. Lift your leg to up and out to the side. You are really going to feel a burn on your inner thigh on this one, but consider it an added bonus. Make sure you point your toes out and keep your core active throughout this exercise.

When you first start these exercises, try one set of ten for each leg, and begin building it up to two sets of ten for each leg, and then two sets of twenty for each leg.

For the next exercise, begin again in the elbows and knees position. Keep your core active! Now, lift your leg straight back, then bring your foot back to the mat (not your knee). Lift up and down for ten reps for each leg. Again, as you build strength, work toward a goal of two sets of twenty reps for each leg.

This one is going to burn your hamstrings, but be sure not to overdo it, and drink plenty of water. For this exercise and the first exercise, you can choose to add ankle weights for extra burn. However, if you are just beginning, try the exercises without ankle weights to begin.

Next up: Lunges (please don’t hate me)! Use a two to ten pound dumbbell for this one, because it will help you with balance and resistance. Stand on your mat with your feet together, step back with one foot, and bring your knee to the ground and back up. Do this ten times or two sets of five for each leg. Your thighs are going to be screaming, but don’t give up! You are really going to feel this one the next day, but the more you do it, the less it leaves you aching.

Stretch out your legs by doing side to side hops. These are exactly what they sound like. Bend your knees and step to each side. This is going to get your heart rate up, so start slowly to ensure that you are not overworking yourself.

To finish it off, try some side squats. Stand up straight, step to the side, bend your knees in a squat, swing your body over. Do this one twenty times to ensure you are balancing the workout in each leg and each cheek.

For a greater understanding of technique and posture for these exercises, check out this instructional video:

#2) Butt Toning & Tightening

Now that you have a great routine for lifting your butt, it’s time to get it toned and tightened! The exercises in this section are really going to get rid of excessive flab, and get your butt rock hard so it doesn’t bounce out of your bikini while you play volleyball.

Start in the side plank position, evenly distributing your body weight on your elbow, core and the side of your ankle. Now, lift the leg that you are not resting on up and out. Keep up with the set of ten to two sets of twenty goal that you had for the booty building exercises.

As soon as you finish your reps, keep your leg extended, and lift it straight up, and bring it back down. Make sure you keep your core active throughout this workout, because side planks, alone, are a great way to keep your waistline tight. Keeping your core active will also help you maintain balance as you do these exercises.

From here, you can do some mini lifts. Hold your leg straight out and lift it about two inches, drop down, and repeat.

For the next round, lay on your back with your arms at your sides. It’s time for booty lifts! It sounds simple, but it is going to give your butt the bikini tone that you want. Simply lift your core and your butt into the air in a thrusting motion.

On your last rep, lift one leg up and bring your butt down. Continue lifting with for ten reps. Don’t forget to switch legs to keep your booty tone even.

For a visual on technique check out this instructional video:

There are a few other exercises on this workout that can help you maximize your focus on hardening your butt as well. Consider adding these workouts when you become more advanced.

Somehow, our butts are the first things to succumb to the forces of gravity, so it is important to give them a little extra attention as we do our daily workouts. Remember to always lift, build, tone, and tighten your booty when you are thinking about getting bikini ready. What are some of your favorite booty workouts? Share with us in the comments below!

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