Is Purchasing Leads The Way To Go?

Is Purchasing Leads The Way To Go? 1
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By Theresa Grant

Nothing is more draining than looking for more prospective leads for the new year. Sure; the clientele you currently have right now is sufficient enough but we don’t want to remain stagnant at this level forever. You want to grow your business and become a successful entrepreneur!

Trust me ladies; I’ve been down this road. Nothing is more draining than going to event after event just to find new leads for potential clients. What about working as an internet marketer or looking to burst into the affiliate business or multi-level marketing?

How are you supposed to go to ever event and calling people looking for your services while growing your business? Well there are options out there that may be like finding a needle in a haystack but I’ve seen it work first hand.

Cold-Calling Purchased Leads

When you purchase leads that may be looking for a service or good you are currently offering; the first thing you have to do is cold-call them. They probably don’t know you are calling because it’s a public list that someone put together and is selling as their product.

A lot of companies have actually thought about doing this but more companies are going this direction. They hire a small telemarketing team that will be making the calls to introduce your company. The only thing that you’re going to have to do is write up a script about what key points you want them to hit.

If you don’t have the money for a telemarketing team; then you are going to have to call each lead individually and introduce your company/services. This can be equally draining but you can do this from the comfort of your own house.

Benefits Of Purchased Leads

The first benefit to purchasing leads is that you won’t have to search out leads yourself and qualify them yourself either. It takes a lot of time to generate your own leads and then you have to pick the qualified ones out of the small pile you’ve generated.

This way; you have the qualified leads purchased to you at the start so 60% of the work is over. All that’s left is to have an amazing sales pitch that doesn’t sound like a sales pitch to get them over to your business.

Another benefit of purchasing your leads instead of generating your own is that they are all pertaining to your industry. If you are an SEO company; you’ll get your leads that are looking to increase their web presence or needing to improve something in their industry online.

Leads Cost Money

The downside to purchasing your own leads is that it’s going to cost you quite a bit of money to have this information. If a lead costs $50 dollars and you want 10 leads to start; it’s going to cost you around $500.

In the end; generating your own leads may be cost effective but there are numerous benefits to purchasing leads if you are in the industry to purchase them and grow your business.

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