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By Julie Redwood

Traditional vs. unconventional. It’s a decision that all soon-to-be married couples have to make. Whichever way you choose to go, no wedding is the same, especially when no two people are alike.

Finding a wedding theme is something that most couples, who are planning to get married do, and although the norm might not be your cup of tea, your wedding should at least hold some commonalities where taste is concerned. Although the most popular wedding months are June, September and October, this doesn’t mean that you have to limit your preferences.

Here are 4 ways to know if a theme suites your wedding best.

#1) Go With a Color

Whether or not you choose to hire a wedding planner, having a coordinated wedding is one of the best ways to highlight your theme as a couple. Although you may not care what other’s think of your choices, it’s a way to simply set the tone of the wedding and to express to the world who you are as a couple.

Things to take into consideration, such as the season your wedding will be in (fall, summer, spring, winter) are important factors to bring out the best look for your theme, as well as the location. Overall, think about the look that you want to achieve. Do you love the ocean? Incorporating blue and aqua tonalities to your wedding will provide your chosen overall effect.

Think about items that you can’t live without, such as an heirloom or a beautiful centerpiece that you absolutely cannot live without in your home. These items will help to define your overall style and color preferences, helping you to achieve the look that you are looking for together.

#2) The Venue

The right venue will do wonders for your wedding. However, budgeting costs should also be implemented to get the most bang for your buck.

Some people choose to hold weddings in their own backyards, which easily cuts down on any extra costs from renting a warehouse or other location. You may have to even get creative by choosing nontraditional places to exchange vows, such as a public park, your favorite art gallery or even a beautiful bed and breakfast or hotel.

You may not have the funds to dish out what your heart truly desires, but with a bit of budgeting and research, you’ll be able to get pretty close.

#3) Focus on What’s Most Important

Although every woman( and man) would want the wedding of her dreams, the end goal should be tying the knot and living happily ever after. It’s normal to get flustered while checking off the invitations list, searching for  the right music or thinking of the right words to say in front of everyone.

Think about what’s really important to you, whether it’s the venue, the reception, or the decorations. What works best for you helps to create less stressful planning. If you’d have a blast going to a hold-in-the-wall with great food, then whatever suits you will be perfectly fine with your guests.

#4) Don’t Rush It 

From the moment of your engagement to the jumping of the broom or tying of the knot, or whatever you’d like to call it, relax and enjoy the ride.

If you desire a custom made gown or the centerpiece of your dreams, realize that creating these items from scratch can take months or even a year to complete. Many brides-to-be look to have things ordered in a short amount of time, but a beautiful wedding takes time.

#5) Don’t Overthink It

You may have your wedding planned down the last drop, but one thing’s for certain, no one likes a bridezilla. We get it, this is the day you’ve been waiting for your whole life, and while you’ll want it to be the best time of your life, taking it easily will help to ensure that it will be.

It’s easy to get caught up in worrying about the precise colors of the flowers to the perfect wine glasses, but in the end, it’s the rest of your life that you will have. The decor is just icing on the cake.

Have you planned a wedding before? Was it a stressful time? Tells us about how you learned to relax during one of the most harrowing times of your life. We want to hear your stories! Please don’t forget to share!

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