Introducing Him to Your Parents: 5 Steps to Keep it Sane!

Introducing Him to Your Parents:  5 Steps to Keep it Sane! 1
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By Cara Green

I don’t know about you girls, but even well into adulthood, I was always absolutely petrified to introduce my boyfriends to my family. I literally spent weeks coaching my guys on how to behave, and really annoyed the living daylights out of them in the process.

Worrying about how it will play out will only make you and your partner feel insecure. You’ve got to plan ahead, and if you do it right, he’ll be on good terms with mom and pop in no time.

#1) Don’t Try To Change Him

We all want our man to be the best guy he can be, but it’s really easy for us girls to turn our men into projects before meeting the parents. If he’s got so many quirks that you feel a need to completely mold him into something different, you should seriously consider whether or not he’s a keeper before you bring him over for Sunday dinner with the family.

Don’t insult him by asking him to act like anyone but himself. Tell him as much as you can about your family and any behaviors that might give them the wrong impression, but stress how important it is to you that you want him to feel at ease and able to be himself with them.

#2) Do Have Specific Activities Planned

There’s nothing like a long, awkward silence while you all sit around the living room after the initial introductions. Plan out something fun to do as a group the day you introduce your boyfriend to the family – a picnic or a trip to the beach can be a great way to get everyone to loosen up and get to know each other on neutral ground.

#3) Watch What You Say Before They Meet

If you’ve been together long enough to have had a few spats, it’s not always the best idea to start venting about him to your family before they even meet him. Your girlfriends will get over it, but if dad hears his little angel is upset at some guy he’s never met, you can kiss that great first impression goodbye.

#4) Don’t Drink Too Much

Unless you’re hitting a pub crawl with mom and dad, it’s not a good time to get your drink on. One or two is fine, but if you try to ease your nerves with a few too many cocktails, awkward moments can go from a slight possibility to a guarantee.

#5) Tell Your Family Why You Love Him

Before your plan the meeting of the parents, make sure you’ve given your family a few specific examples of why you care so much about him. Ultimately, every parent’s wish is to see their kids find the perfect partner, and if they know right off the bat that this guy is worth your time, things will go much more smoothly.


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