Here’s How to Raise Your Standards & Help Create Real, Positive, & Lasting Change In Your Life

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By Vanessa Green

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, how would rate your standards in life? If your answer is anywhere below 10, then now is the best time to ask yourself, “Why are you accepting anything that is less than the best?”

Five years ago, I was drowning in debt. And though I was earning good, I couldn’t seem to make ends meet. I couldn’t pay my bills on time and month after month, I found myself falling further behind. I also reached a point when I borrowed money from loan sharks just to pay my bank penalties and then I tried avoiding the endless calls of debt collectors trying to get their money.

It wasn’t until I accidentally bumped into an old friend from grade school who used to be the poorest in our class that I realized that I needed to change my relationship with money. We decided to grab some coffee and she told me how she worked her way up from being a bartender to a proud restaurant owner.

Her rag to riches story inspired me to challenge myself and upgrade the quality of my life. It made me realize that in order for me to fix my finances for good I needed to change my bad habits and start becoming that person with raised standards.

Standards are benchmarks you set for yourself to increase your self-worth. It means expecting more from yourself, from your actions and from others to get the result that you want and to achieve your goals.

So, if you’re serious about making your life better, the first thing you have to do is to raise your standards. Here’s why.

It Allows You to Find the Best Love

Having high standards helps you attract exceptional people in your life. When you raise your expectations of yourself, it’s easier to push away people who don’t respect you and cut negative influences from your life. You will be able to develop amazing and meaningful relationships because you are surrounded with people who are on the same mission with you.

So ladies, if you want to finally meet the man who will never stop loving you, work on upgrading your standards and invest time on your own personal development. In this way, you will have better life experiences, find true connections and create more fulfilling relationships.

It Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Your personal standards have significant effect in the quality of your work. Always performing at the highest caliber and demonstrating more confidence in your actions allows you to come up with outstanding results, to drive yourself forward to become the best at what you do and to achieve something of significance in your life.

In your business, for instance, it is important for you to ensure that your managers are performing at a baseline level across the board. When you don’t have a concrete set of expectations to which every manager is held accountable, you will have a hard time improving the effectiveness and competence of your people. With no clear benchmark for what constitutes good management, your business will have no direction and vision.  Raising your standards is a must to elevate your business and keep it driving towards success.

It Challenges You to Be Your Best Self

Setting only the highest goals for yourself or not settling for less than your very best helps you enact a big change in the way you conduct yourself. It encourages you to compare yourself with your personal best so that you will keep on progressing. It is about knowing that you can do better and then actually proving to yourself that you can do better.

So, if you’re serious about bringing out the best version of yourself, uphold high standards in your lifestyle. Eat only what’s best for your health. Start doing great things to and for your body by sculpting those muscles and working on getting that beach body that you’ve always dreamed of.

And to help you shred that stomach and look hotter than ever, check this out – “Hip Dip Planks.”

It Protects You From Being in a Bad Situation

Raising your standards is an indication that you are getting wiser and that you have learned from your mistakes, setbacks and problems you’ve faced and that you’re willing to adjust yourself accordingly. Also, standing up for what you believe in and living your life in accordance to your values help you earn the respect of others.

In the piece “Why Selfish is Not Always a Dirty Word,” writer Miriam Kirmayer explains how practicing self-care can benefit your overall self-worth.

When it comes to creating positive change in your life, there comes a point when enough is enough. So, when you’re fed up with being treated badly and being taken advantage of, it’s okay to put yourself first even if it means disappointing others.

Ladies, acknowledging that something must change on your end or understanding where things need to improve is a start, but in order to execute the change and make it work in your life, you must raise your standards and do the best thing you can do for your health and for your well-being.


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