If Nothing Else Winter Gives You 3 Reasons to be Obsessed with Boots

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Image by: Rubyran
By Reaghan Belfor

The joy I feel when the colder months hit is beyond any feeling of anticipation for beach weather. Why? Boots, silly! I save up for the sexiest, most stylish boots every year, and if there is anything I’m addicted to in the fashion world, it is boots, and more boots!

The 2014-2015 winter season has a great selection of styles, colors, and even patterns for the boot lover on your holiday list (even if that boot lover is you!).

This year, check out what is hot before you go on your boot shopping spree. Take a look at how these three different styles can fit nearly every personality!

#1) Knee Highs are Back!

Maybe it’s the mountains of snow falling across the Midwest. Maybe it’s the frigid temperatures attacking our legs. Maybe it’s just the fact that they are awesome. Whatever it is, designers have returned the crown to knee-high boots this season!

With hundreds of styles and colors available, knee-high boots are the perfect accessory to any of your fashion statements.

Ladies’ night out? No problem! Grab a short dress with some black knee-highs. A silver or gold buckle at the ankle can accent your little black dress.

If you need a bold accent, try some of the seasonal colors to really catch their eyes at a cocktail party.

If you’re a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, the stacked heel ankle boots are what you’re looking for. Skinny jeans or boot cut, these shorties are the perfect way to show off your toned booty this winter!

#2) Don’t Forget the Heel!

This year, designers are really putting emphasis on adding height to the ladies. Boots are coming out with gorgeous heels.

Some styles of boots are hitting post-modern trends with pin-thin three-inch heels. Make sure you have good posture and balance for these ones ladies.

Knee-high boot with sexy accent heels are all the rage this year. Flats are out! Grab a pair of boots with some hot heels to bring out the tone of your thigh muscles this holiday season.

If you’re in to ankle-high boots or everyday boots with jeans, the heels are still big this year. There are a lot of great ankle-high styles that come in wedges. However, the bulky wedges are out, and the thin and shaped wedges are in. They still have quite a bit of support for those who have trouble with balance.

These wedges make bold fashion statements while they accent your ensemble.

#3) Ankle Boots are Wild This Year!

The 2014-2015 season is ripe with fashionable boots for any type of personality. While the leather in solid colors have the quality of timelessness, this year, bold colors are in! There are varieties of patterned boots with great color schemes.

My personal favorites are the ankle boots with multicolored woven leathers or fabrics. Choose the colors that best accent your outfits to help you really shine at your holiday parties.

Suede boots are really coming back this year. The great thing about suede is that it really appeals to the eye because of its illusion of extra texture. Most of the suede boots available come in earthy tones too, so they really compliment jeans!

This year, it’s all about focusing on your personality! Bring out the best of you by finding a pair of ankle-high boots with a strong heel to make yourself shine.

The most mind blowing styles of ankle boots that I’ve seen this year are open-toed and bare heel! What the what?! This is incredibly exciting news. These crazy styles look somewhat like high heels, but they cover the entire foot and reach up just past the ankle. They look so hot in black or brown leather with silver buckles. Everyone needs an excuse to get a pedicure over the holidays; what better excuse than a pair of open-toed boots!

Boots are my favorite thing about fashion! This year, the fashion scene is offering boot lovers a wide variety of styles and concepts with boots. Take advantage of your choices this year, ladies! What is your favorite style of boot? Share with us in the comments below!


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