How Twitter Can Make You A Better Businesswoman

How Twitter Can Make You A Better Businesswoman 1
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By Josie Alexander

I didn’t used to use Twitter because I was afraid of it swallowing my soul whole. I was convinced that I would lose my life in Twitter feeds. Since starting my new business, though, it seems as though the social media program has really benefit me. It’s beneficial for me to spend my time following business leaders that will help me keep abreast of what is going on in the world that I will be investing my money in.

It lets me connect with my customers, potential customers, employees, and the public in general. Not only that, I can use it to follow some of the most influential women in business. I have three in mind as we speak: Marissa Mayer (the new president and CEO of Yahoo), Esther Dyson (jack-of-all-trades but currently involved in the advancement of healthcare), and Jacqueline Novogratz (founder and CEO of Acumen Fund).

Good Press and Bad Press

Marissa Mayer has been in all over the news lately. One of the headlines that really caught my attention was her 1000 layoffs in the past year. Did you hear about it? I didn’t until recently. Not only did the layoffs stay under wraps for a long time but it hasn’t seemed to hinder the morale of the current employees.

What has, apparently, affected the morale of the employees are the acqui-hiring of 5 failed star-up businesses (thereby acquiring the entrepreneurial engineers that came along with them).

Though she has had some bad press (building a nursery next to her office after coming back from maternity leave – if only we could be so lucky), she is one smart cookie and I plan on learning a lot from her. Her faux pas with the nursery may have showed how out of touch she is with less-privileged mothers but her twitter account shows her personal side.

The Personification of the Term “Diversify”

Esther Dyson is a woman who has done it all. She has:

#1) invested in GeriJoy, Applied Proteomics, Genomera, Habit Labs, HealthEngage, Health Loop, HealthRally, HealthTap, Keas, Lexity, Medico, Medivo, Omada Health, Organized Wisdom, PatientsLikeMe, Resilient, Sleepio, Tocagen, Mequibrium, VitaPortal, GreenGoose, PatientsKnowBest, and Valkee; on the board of directors of 23andMe;
#2) was one of the first ten volunteers in the Personal Genome Project;
#3) published many publications on technology;
#4) was involved in the start-ups of some of the most influential and important names in technology (including TrustedID, Cygnus Solutions, Flickr,, Eventful, Netbeans, Powerset, Systinet, ZEDO, CV-Online, Medscape, Medstory, Meetup, Valkee and Vurve);
#5) and she is even qualified to be up in space.

Dyson has been everywhere and has done everything. Following her on Twitter would be like following an ice cream truck with an open trailer waiting for some ice cream to fall out the back. And she tosses some business and tech savvy knowledge out the back of her truck often.

Focus Efforts on Doing Good

Have you heard the name Jacqueline Novogratz before? I hadn’t until I did a bit of background research on some of the most influential non-profits out there today. She is the founder and CEO of Acumen Fund which is a venture capital fund (it helps high risk, early stage, high potential start-ups), specifically organizations that provide (and deliver) affordable products and services for the less fortunate. Since it is a non-profit, it invests the money that it makes into organizations which help the poor.

Who Else Can I Follow?

Twitter is full of women entrepreneurs to learn from. Here’s a short list modified from an article in Forbes located here:

@JackieBiz talks a lot about various business resources and is a great source for inspiration.

@JillFoster often speaks about the importance of social media and how these outlets can help your business flourish

@KairaRouda tweets about branding; as in, how you can make a unique and genuine brand for your company.

@mombizcoach talks about small business tips and gives resources to moms that own their own business.

This is only a small snippet of the list of 30 women to follow, according to Forbes. If you own your own business, I suggest that you find some inspiration through these amazing businesswomen.

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