How To Turn Harsh Life Lessons Into Priceless Experiences

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There are so many lessons in life that you can’t learn in a classroom, find in a textbook, or watch and truly grasp through a video on the internet (nope sorry, not even with V.R.). Let me site some examples:

I didn’t know that falling in love could be so ugly until my boyfriend left me for another woman. I didn’t know about betrayal until I learned that one of my friends was spreading false rumors about me, while pretending to help me find out who it was. I didn’t know that losing my job could be one of the best things that ever happened to me until I ended up pursuing my own dreams. I used to be so stupid when it came to managing my money that I became quite broke. I had no idea about the feeling of being homesick until I moved to another country and lived far away from my friends and family. I was clueless about loving someone unconditionally until my husband showed me how. I’ve always thought that it was impossible for me to become a writer until I learned to believe in myself and became one.

We all learn best through experience. As we grow old, we begin to realize that the best lessons that we have learned were the results of our doing and interaction with others, products of our own decisions, failures and shortcomings. A manual for life, written by us and the impressions we make in the world.

Today, I decided to share with you life’s best teachers and how to appreciate them no matter how terrifying they can be.

Broken Heart

Getting your heart broken could be the best thing that will ever happen to you. Those sleepless nights crying and thinking about what could have been, when you couldn’t even force yourself to eat and you locked yourself up in your room to shut the rest of the world out – you could use all those moments to find your inner strength and heal on your own.

Same thing goes with relationships. You don’t always have to be in constant harmony with your partner in order to have a healthy relationship. In fact, there’s a study proving that couples who argue have better relationships.

I guess you have to feel pain a little and disagree a little, in order to tell if you and your partner are capable of getting your emotions out on the table. It helps promote positive growth within your relationship and can also help the two of you stay together, longer.

Financial Difficulties

Being broke AF is one of the most stressful, most frustrating and most humbling experience I’ve ever had in my life. I will never forget the time when I had to come up with $1000 in 2 days to pay for my kid’s increased tuition fees and I had no idea where to get it.  Or when for what seemed like a never ending period of my life, only a few minutes after receiving my salary, all my money was gone because I had bills and loans to settle.

Being broke teaches you that the things you have today may not be there tomorrow. It makes you understand that in order to survive this dynamic life, you have to learn to set your priorities right, prepare for the future, and live simply.

If you’re in bad financial shape, you can either choose to cry over your problems or decide to turn your dire situation into courage you can use to face your issues and help yourself.

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I hate feeling sick and I know that everybody does. Aside from being expensive, it’s hard to function properly and do what you’re supposed to do when you are feeling weak, miserable and ugly. And in the worst case scenario, you have to depend on other people and a bunch of medications to make yourself feel even just a little better.

However, even sickness can teach you great lessons. It reminds you that you should never take your health for granted and that you should be totally conscious about what your mind and body need. It also comes with a bonus of knowing the people in your life who truly care for you and give you the support you need while you’re recovering.

But of course, you should not wait to acquire some weird illness before you take action and follow a healthy lifestyle. You can start with little things like incorporating exercise in your daily activities; being more conscious with what you put in your body and getting enough rest and sleep.

And speaking of eating healthy, you might want to start monitoring your sugar intake because it disrupts your metabolism and can cause all sorts of serious diseases like liver and heart problems, diabetes, cancer, obesity and so much more.

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Tough Breaks

Many people are deathly afraid of failure. However, what they actually fail to understand is that growth of intelligence, be it emotional, spiritual or analytical, comes with suffering, mistakes and FAILURES. These unpleasant events help build your character and self-esteem, making you tougher, wiser and transforming you into something better.

Ladies, the lowest point in your life can be the most thought-provoking. When you fail, you discover what works and what doesn’t. You will learn to own up to your crap, adjust life to your situation, value time, and push yourself a little bit harder all the time.

So, instead of thinking that your failures serve as a proof that you’re not good enough, work on building your belief in yourself so that you can align the life that you have with the life that you want.


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