How To Keep Employees Happy & Productive

How To Keep Employees Happy & Productive 1
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By Theresa Grant

According to Entrepreneur Magazine – there are 5 different types of people that make up the employees of each business. You can view that article here.

Why is it important for each small business and even large corporations to have a good mix of people in the work place?

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is very important when it comes to where an employee thrives at in the work place. They must feel like they are being engaged and making a difference within the company. It also reflects on how an employee feels about the overall work experience.

The more the employee is engaged (whether being taught something that others don’t know about yet because you’re a mentor or learning something on your own time to discuss with the boss on a later date) the higher the performance they will work at. Which the end result means higher productivity for the company.

Finding The Right Employees

Now after reading the article based on the different types of personalities are needed to sustain a successful business, where do you find these 5 individuals? How do you attract the right type of employees to your company?

Well, it’s quite simple. It’s not as easy as logging onto Craigslist, posting an ad, interviewing 1,000 people, and hiring the ones you see fit. There is a system though that I found quite interesting on numerous blogs. It’s all about the company itself.

You have to have an attractive workplace so the employee feels like it’s a home away from home. It will never feel like home but it needs to feel safe.

Another thing that is important to keeping a good employee is to remain very flexible. If someone works better between the hours of 7am to 3:30pm instead of 9pm to 5pm – try to arrange their schedule so they are constantly working at their peak times.

Heavy recruitment is another way to find the right employees. When it comes down to it, if there is a long line for a job position… there is going to be competition. This will cause excitement which means the right employee will come above the rest and you’ll know who wants it the most.

The last thing you can do to find the right employee is once you hire the people you want, make sure they each have some higher responsibilities. Not only will they feel more superior in their positions, but they will also remain at a happier state.

Businesses always thrive when their employees are healthy and happy. That means they will be productive and stick around for the long run. Productive employees means you’ll run a productive and successful business.


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