This Is How to Form a Healthy Perspective About Life & Start Seeing Things Clearer

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By Anne Cacherell

A couple of years ago, I had the chance to visit this wonderful island in South East Asia. Being in the one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world, I made sure that I didn’t miss any chance of exploring its entirety.

I discovered that although riding a speed boat is exhilarating, I found parasailing to be much more exciting. It allowed me to see the exquisiteness of the place from a different point of view that is not available to many; a perspective that not all people are blessed to have.

Having the privilege to see things from a unique frame of reference made me realize that everything in this world is relative, which means things are not just as we perceive them, but have many different facets.

Therefore, having the ability to change the way you look at things can help you come up with the best interpretation of what’s happening around you and what the best solution is to life’s biggest problems and transitions. It also enables you to make wiser choices, create positive change and nurture yourself through life’s challenges.

Here are things that you can do to recharge your batteries, broaden your views and make better decisions moving forward.

Have an Insightful Glimpse to Your Past

With everything that’s going on around you, it’s so easy to lose sight of the reason why you are doing what you are doing. To avoid getting disconnected with your purpose, you have to take a moment to look back.

Creating a mental inventory of all the things that you have accomplished and that you have been through reminds you how far you’ve traveled and how tough you’ve become. It helps you stay motivated, examine your current direction and determine the best way to move forward with your life.

In the piece “7 Relationship Milestones That Are Just as Meaningful as Marriage,” writer Brittany Wong explains how enduring a crisis together can make your relationships stronger.

Reminding yourself how you manage to survive the past challenges in your life provides you an encouraging mindset that you are strong enough and that you are capable of shaping your future.

Refocus Yourself by Making Small Changes

If you think that your life has become monotonous and you feel that the love and excitement in your career have worn off, ask yourself this question: What can I change, add, or remove from my life that would make it better?

Sometimes, a small change and a little creativity can make a big difference. Probably, you just need to de-clutter your work space a little, add a little color around you and re-decorate your office desk.

To help you bring back the spark at your work place, check this out – “8 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your Job.”

Stop Thinking & Take a Break

Solitude not only allows ideas to flow through your mind but it also gives you space and clarity to see what is really essential. A moment of peace and silence provides your inner voice a chance to be heard by you and opens possibilities that you’re too blind to see when you are distracted by a lot of things.

Give yourself a time to unwind, unplug yourself from the world; see new places and faces to bring back balance in your life so that you can come up with sound decisions and actions. Also, when you do something that you enjoy, you’re freeing stuck up energy in your body and creating avenues for inspiration.

People say that nature has amazing healing powers, from the sound of the birds, to the feel of the wind on your face and the waves touching your feet. So, whenever I feel so stressed with work, I always ask my husband to take me to the beach so I can purge all my worries, replenish my energy and maintain my sanity.

Other health benefits of taking a vacation, according to writer Julie Peirano, are:

• Reduced stress
• Improved productivity
• Better relationships
• Digital detox
• Slows down the aging process

Learn From the Experience of Others

Expand your perspective by avoiding learning things the hard way. To do that, you can use other people’s experiences, good or bad, as your starting point.

Listen to the opinion of others, explore through research and look for mentors, people who can inspire you to succeed in life like strong women who can help you grow and improve.

Ladies, never underestimate the power of perspective. It could help you better understand the things that are happening in your world and transform you into becoming the best version of yourself.


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