How To Find The Strength To Get What You Want

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Many people get lost on the path to their destiny because they are not living in alignment with their soul’s desire. I used to be one of them.

After I graduated from high school, I had a hard time deciding what college courses to pursue because I didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to become. All I knew was that I was quite good in one thing – helping my friends recover from heartbreaks. Other than that, I was just an ordinary girl.

So, I ended up going with the tide and went wherever life took me. I didn’t have any plans, didn’t prepare for anything and didn’t have a vision of my future. And just in case you don’t know how it feels to live a life without direction, let me tell you, it was chaotic. Though I had little victories here and there, like landing a good job and getting promoted, I felt lost, exhausted and empty. And whenever I looked around me, all I could see was sadness, problems and disappointments.

So, I jumped from job to job searching for that missing piece of me. Until one day, my boss asked me to help in one of his online projects. I was tasked to write a short article that could help people find happiness.

Though the thought of it made me excited, I hesitated because it had been years since I last wrote something like that. Then suddenly, I remembered that motivating people is what I was always good at. So, I gave it a try, put my heart into the piece and submitted it to my editor with zero expectations that it would pass his standards.

A few days later, I received an email telling me that my work had been approved and that I was expected to write some more. And just like a little girl who just heard about a surprise trip to Disneyland, I was in shock. It was dream come true. After that my job never felt like a chore again.

Unlike me, you don’t have to live drifting for too long. You can find your way to peace and inner strength right now by incorporating these habits in your life.

Live in Alignment With Your Passion

It feels right to lose yourself in something you love. It helps you get more in touch with your soul. It gives you purpose and direction.

In the piece “6 Priceless Lessons Learned From a Coconut Vendor in Maui,” writer Cole Schaffer highlights the importance of sharing your passion if you want to become successful in your business.

One of my favorites on his list is #3: Do what you do best, even if that is only one thing. Making a career out of something you love not only makes you more motivated and more excited to tackle challenges but it also inspires you to serve others better, helps you achieve personal fulfillment and pushes you to succeed even more.

Manage Your Expectations

Oftentimes, people get angry, disappointed and frustrated because they put such a high expectation on things. What they don’t know is that living a life of “should” only sets them up for heartaches, removes them from living in the present and prevents positivity to flow in their life.

To manage your expectations, you have to learn to accept that there are things that you cannot change and that are simply against your nature. You have to be open to reconciliation, negotiation and most importantly, growth.

In finding love, for example, most women I know look for specific traits like a guy with an above average IQ level, at least 6 feet tall, has a well-established career and so on and so forth. The thing is ladies, if you go into a date with a checklist, you’re setting yourself up to fail. So, instead of having massive and unrealistic dating expectations, don’t bring your emotional baggage with and just give your date an honest chance.

Always Put Your Health at the Forefront of Your Priorities

When your mind and body are in a good place, it might be easier for you to focus your attention on the things that you want to do, as well as help you to manage your emotions, calibrate your thoughts and keep things in perspective.

To help you develop strength and make more accurate judgments in your life, writer Reema Desai suggests taking a Wellness Travel.

By nourishing yourself and fueling your sense of adventure, you will be able to connect with your spiritual self and at the same time, focus on the parts of your health that you may have been neglecting.

Turn Down All Your Negative Self-Talk

Peace and inner strength can be very difficult to find if you keep on doubting and disempowering yourself. If you really want to get more in touch with your soul, then stop saying bad things about yourself. It may not be that easy, but with practice and determination, there’s no doubt that you’ll find that place of peace and strength within you.

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