How to Fill Any Kind Of Emptiness Within You

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I spent a decade working at a 12-hour job where using available vacation days was considered a prize you had to work for and where saying yes to your supervisors all the time increased your chances of getting a promotion.

I hear you. It was such a toxic environment, right? But I stayed anyway because I needed it to pay my bills and I had many other obligations.

One morning, I finally realized that I didn’t deserve that type of life and that I didn’t spend 16 years studying really hard just to build someone else’s dreams.

So, I decided to liberate myself to utilize my skills elsewhere and follow my passion to start my own small business.

The world is so big that we should want to explore everything. We all have this hunger to know it all and experience it all.

At first, I felt free. Having my home as my office, I could wake up any time I wanted. I don’t have to travel to work and best of all, I won’t have to deal with people on power trips and control junkies.

After a few months, I felt trapped and constantly bored of what I was doing. What made me more confused was that I didn’t understand why I was feeling that way. I got my freedom, I got what I wanted, but now it seemed that I wanted more.

To achieve peace and happiness, you have to understand the difference between “what you want and “what you need to be happy.”

You need to know:

• What is enough?
• What are you looking for?
• What will satisfy you?
• What does it take to attain what you want?

If you fail to identify all these, we will always crave for more and our pursuit of happiness will never end.
To get started, define your dreams; know what you want before you make a decision.

Look at things and interpret your emotions objectively. You cannot expect to live life on your terms if you don’t know what you want and if you don’t understand what you need to achieve it.

In “If Your Relationship Stays Label-less For Too Long, It’ll Never Get Serious,” Maggie Munley explains how “indecision is a decision.”

We feel the need to satisfy our craving for companionship and connection, so we decide to enter into the same game as everyone else and settle for “label-less” relationships, regardless if it’s meaningless or just plain crappy.

It only means that many of us fail to realize that what we need to find happiness is real connection and not something artificial, temporary, and short-lived.

Create a plan and give priority to what makes you the happiest.

Erica Gellerman of The Every Girl formulated a budget technique that would enable us to buy happiness.

I know it sounds crazy, but this strategy actually makes sense. She began by making a list of all her expenses, highlighted the things she really loved, ranked it by top priorities and cut back on her mindless spending.

Realize that happiness sometimes requires sacrifices. It doesn’t come for free all the time. Know what are you willing to give up and what adjustments you can make in order to get what you want.

Everything comes with a price. The cost is not always money, but time and effort as well.

Improve what you already have and what you can utilize to make things happen.

We always think that we need more; more space, more money, and more things. What we really need to do is to stop thinking about all that and figure out once and for all how to get there.

To give you some inspiration, check out the story of Rebekah Carey, the woman who turned her grandma’s garage into a completely flawless bungalow for less than $2500.

Through some creative workarounds she made some improvements on what she already had and created a simple life that shines from her hard work.

Reward yourself with simple gifts whenever you accomplish something.

It’s all about balance. Celebrate your small successes by giving yourself a little treat. This simple practice will teach you how to appreciate little things in life.

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If we don’t know how to fill the void of emptiness and hunger within us, we will always find life suffocating, we will never feel empowered, and our abilities will always be restricted.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of knowing what enough is. As soon as you realize that valuing what you have is more important than focusing on what you don’t have, your world will start to change for the better.


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