How To Adopt The Financial Habits Of Successful CEOs

How To Adopt The Financial Habits Of Successful CEOs 1
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By Theresa Grant

Haven’t you ever heard the term, “dress for success”? This motto is to wire your brain to act more successful. If you dress to impress, not only will you feel better about yourself but you’ll start to unconsciously implement other rules into your work you may not know about.

If you do a lot of research or reading on successful CEOs, you’ll realize that they all have certain habits that they always do on a daily or weekly basis which is the reason they are successful. Let’s discuss some of these habits from top female CEOs to wire your brain to be successful.

Focus On Growth

The best piece of advice I have ever heard was from Ivanka Trump and her motto is to stay focused on growth. Sure, you can start a business and even have 1 or 2 employees; but that doesn’t make you successful. That makes you an entrepreneur, but not a successful one.

Everyone defines their own place of success. Some would be happy with just a 1 or 2 employee company but many independent women, like yourself, strive for something more. That is why when you listen to Ivanka, she always talks about growth. She’s always looking for ways to make more money, to grow her business, and to watch her company flourish in the business world.

You can implement this by putting 5% of your profits towards your marketing budget. If you have an e-commerce/services business; look more to implement 10%-15% towards your marketing budget. The more customer base you have, the more profits you’ll gain, and the more growth potential you’ll have.


The next habit you should keep in mind is from Sara Blakely. She always talks about how to prioritize your daily tasks to become more efficient. She adapted the kind of “assembly line” when she started building her business that Henry Ford invented.

By using “mini-days” or prioritizing certain activities for a period of time, then she would move onto the next thing. She not only saw an increase in her productivity, but she saw an increase of time that she had during the day.

By sending out emails only in the morning instead of all day; she was able to research companies to pitch Spanx to, she was able to figure out budgets, and essentially built her business 10 times faster all due to prioritizing.

Follow Your Passion

Another habit that I’ve heard from Sarah Prevette [the creator of Sprouter] who said to always pursue your passion. She created a site that brought female entrepreneurs to share tips and tricks they use to grow their business.

She was so passionate about her idea a few years ago, that her company is even backed by a few angel investors. She has been connecting 10’s of thousands of high quality CEOs and entrepreneurs alike to all share their habits of being successful.

It’s definitely worth checking out. While pursuing your passion, you may find something during your journey that will allow you to make serious cash while implementing what you’re passionate about.

Ultimately; Stay Happy & Optimistic

The last thing is what Ellen DeGeneres always says. She always makes a point when talking to women entrepreneurs is to always enjoy the ride. You can’t get so worked up in your work and building your business that you forget to have a balance in life.

Just because your business isn’t growing by 175% in a month doesn’t mean that you aren’t building a successful business. It ultimately means that you need to be patient because the free time that you do have will soon be taken up when you become one of the fortune 500 companies.

Enjoy what you’re building and continue to remain passionate about it. This is one of the most important steps to building your business. Keeping the habit of staying happy and optimistic is vital. Ask any thriving entrepreneur.


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