How Meditation Can Help You Achieve Balance

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By Tallulah Ray

In order to feel fulfilled and satisfied with your life, you must have a balance between your professional-life and your personal-life. When there isn’t equilibrium between both, your life may feel off kilter and you will have more of a chance of being stressed and unhappy. One of the ways that you can create this balance is by taking a small chunk of your day for meditation.

#1) The Benefits of Meditation

When your life is unbalanced, you may find yourself under a lot of stress: from the side of your life that is taking over and from the nagging neglect of the other side. We start to feel down about ourselves. We begin to question our priorities. Unbalance can lead to a majority of mental and physical health issues. So how can meditation help?

Meditation is a way for you to take time for yourself and be kind to your body. Under all that stress, your mind and body will thank you for the break that meditation can give you.

It can help you become more aware of your surroundings: the feelings of others, your physical surrounding, the energy surrounding you, etc.

It can help you set your priorities straight by helping your become more aware of your appreciation of others and your gratitude toward the kindness of your loved ones (and even those who aren’t close to you).

Also, meditation can help you let go. This one of my favorite benefits of meditation. Especially when I am upset and stressed, it may appear as though there is too much written on the slate of my mind. My subconscious seems to be working overtime. Meditation can help you clear that slate, which will help you let go of the small, unimportant things.

#2) “How Do I Meditate?”

One of the most important things about meditation is to remember the goal of meditation, which is to clear, focus, and quiet your mind. You can meditate anywhere, just as long as you can consider your environment peaceful. If you have a headset, you can even meditate at your cubicle at work.

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Step One: Find a peaceful environment: a park on a sunny day, the library (though the aura of the books may prove to be too much for some people), your living room, your cubicle (if you have some headphones and some calm, repetitive, gentle music), etc.

Step Two: Wear comfy clothes. Loose clothes will help you get more comfortable.

Step Three: Stretch and find a comfortable position to sit for a short period of time (fifteen minutes or so), then set a timer.

Step Four: Close your eyes and follow your breathing.

Step Five: Repeat a mantra. This can be any phrase or quote which you find inspirational.

Step Six: Focus on a visual picture. It can be a calm place inside your mind: the beach, a meadow, anywhere that you feel comfortable and free. You can even focus on an item in front of you: a candle, a crystal, some flowers. Just make sure that it is something pleasant.

Also remember that there are different kinds of meditation and they can be taught in classes found online or at your local gym or community center. Make a quick Google search on local meditation classes in your area.

#3) Other Ways To Help Balance Your Life

Meditation can help settle your mind and spirit, however those stresses will still be there when you get back. After meditating, you will begin to focus more on your values and priorities, which is a great first step to balancing your life. Here are some other tips.

If you are feeling as though your personal life (home life, boyfriends, family, etc.) is taking over your entire life, try some of these tips and tricks:

    Outsource or delegate some of the household chores that are too time consuming or that appear to zap the energy and life right out of you.

    Schedule your time in the morning to help you focus your daily routine and to help visualize just how much time you are spending on your family, yourself, and your job.

If you feel as though your professional life (work, career, job, etc.) is taking over your personal time, try some of these tips:

    Leave work at work. Don’t bring it home with you. While it is healthy to be able to talk about your day at the dinner table, don’t actually work when you are at home.

    Read. Reading helps give your mind a break from your work stresses.

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    Enjoy your break. Don’t use those fifteen minute breaks and thirty minute lunches thinking about work.

Here are some other, general, tips:

    Schedule some down time into your day (for meditation or to enjoy a quiet activity by yourself).

    Exercise: it does wonders for your personal health and for your mind.

    Pick up a hobby.

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    Multitask by spending time with your family while you are doing chores (like cooking dinner or cleaning the house).

There are a plethora of other ways to balance your personal and professional life. How do you achieve balance?


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