Here’s Some Surprising Things I’ve Learned About My Sense Of Self From a Famous Food Fight

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By Anne Cacherell

Lately, I have found myself getting addicted to watching “The Next Food Network Star.” Aside from the cooking competition, contestants are also expected to show off their hosting skills, from the way they describe the food, the way they connect to the audience and to the way they incorporate their own sense of self into the food they create.

Last week alone, I finished watching three seasons and it never fails to amuse me. What piques my interest in the show is the way the judges and the weekly challenges bring out the authenticity of each contender. It seems to me that the more desperate or threatened they get, the more their real character shows no matter how hard they try to hide it.

My recent obsession in this popular food fight made me discover some surprising secrets on finding your true self, letting it come to the surface and making it shine like a star.

Sometimes, you push your “true self” safely in the dark to replace it with a more “acceptable self.”

You may be capable of wearing a “mask” or burying your real self but the more you push your true self down, the more broken you get.

In the piece “Pretending to be the Chill Girl Made Me Settle for Less Than I Deserve,” writer Georgi McCauley reveals that our culture is now plagued by all these digitized ideas of dating.

In relationships nowadays, it’s acceptable to be “chill.” The less needy and less emotional you are the better. Being serious in looking for “the one” is considered boring and desperate. Being vulnerable is uncool and asking for clarity of the “situation” or your relationship status is a major turn off.

This is severely disadvantageous and unfair for those people who are not interested in playing the field or hiking up their number of sexual partners and for those who consider having a serious relationship beautiful and nurturing.

Ladies, there is nothing wrong in allowing yourself to admit that you want a real relationship.

Being honest with yourself in this terrifying society takes courage. Your authenticity will give you power to move in the direction you want to go.

In business, for example, if you want to build your own personal brand, you have to understand yourself first.

You have to know what you want, how you want to be seen by others and who you want your brand to resonate with. These things will guide in making decisions with regards to personal branding.

Life can be so much easier when you know who you are.

After establishing your identity as an entrepreneur, it will be easier for you to market yourself, offer distinct value for others, leave positive impressions to your customers and constantly improve your brand.

Also, don’t worry so much about your insecurities and imperfections. It’s okay not to be happy every waking moment. You don’t have to be flawless; you just need to be positive.

You have to trust yourself before you can reconnect with your real self.

Have faith in yourself that everything’s going to be alright. Honor the journey that brought you to where you are now and be confident in your decisions and actions. Focus yourself in whatever you decide to do and stop worrying about your choices.

To help you reconnect with your instinct and stay positive, check this out – “A 60-Second Breathing Exercise to Eliminate Doubt and Strengthen Intuition.”

This one-minute breathing workout will reinforce your connection to your inner voice or the one that speaks over your intuition and creates a strong union between your gut and your heart to help you find your peace and be more open.

Self-simplicity leads to a more abundant and happier life.

Instead of comparing yourself with others, focus your attention inward. Concentrate on the things that you really need and don’t depend on your happiness on material possessions.

In this modern world, we are being influenced by this whole idea of Western Consumerism, which simply means the newest and the most expensive things are the best things. This type of mentality encourages us all to buy more and spend more even if it’s not necessary.

In effect, people tend to accumulate more things to create a false identity or a false sense of happiness.

The key to living an abundant life is to eliminate yourself of possessions that you don’t need. Self-simplicity means the removal of the unnecessary.

To help you on your journey of self-growth and self-simplicity, check this out – “10 Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life.”

My favorite is #8: Freedom from the comparison game. Living in simplicity will help you identify your true happiness and will help you feel adequate in many ways.

Life would be more beautiful if we see more authenticity in this world, don’t you think? So ladies, remove all those doubts and insecurities, embrace your true self and let’s all make this world a better place to live in.


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