Here’s How to Start Building Your Freelance Career & Never Let Life’s Pressures Steer You In the Wrong Direction

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By Valerie Miller

I have said it many times before, and I will continue to say it: Starting your own business, working for yourself, building an empire, whatever you want to call it ladies, being your own boss is how you will materialize your dreams.

And I’m not just talking about getting gobs and gobs of money to but stuff (although that is nice!). I’m talking about making something that you are proud of, that you love doing, and that lets you do ALL THE THINGS you want to do in life. It is possible, very, very possible. Of course, hard work is required every step of the way, but you already knew that and aren’t even worried about it!

  • The likelihood that you are going to achieve everything you have set out to in life by working for someone else is about as realistic as you winning the next big jackpot. Put together your freelance career with these helpful tips instead
  • Think twice before deciding to buy a house when you read about why so many people are waking up from the American Dream of home ownership
  • Before you do your taxes, check out these 3 tips for getting more money on your return if you make less than $50,000 a year
  • And In case your filing status of single also applies to your current relationship status, take a look at these inspiring quotes that celebrate the invincible spirit of the single woman

Today ladies, today is the day you start seriously putting the effort in to building the life you want. If you haven’t yet explored the world of freelance work, then the piece, How to Become a Highly Paid Freelancer While Keeping Your Full-Time Job is for you.

Writer and entrepreneur Jeff Haden shares some great ideas on how you can best go about the process. First you should start with identifying a niche. But don’t just pick something out of the air.

Instead ask yourself what you are good at and what you might be better at if you had a little more education. And most importantly, what do you ACTUALLY want to do? This is not about just making extra money doing busy work, this is you building a foundation that will sustain your future awesomeness for the rest of your life.

The next step is to get specific with the details of your services because it is better to be really good at one thing, than just OK at many things. It helps you to focus your abilities and be realistic with them at the same time. Don’t ever feel or be pressured into thinking you have to do or be something you are not.

Like when it comes to buying a house just because some of your friends did and everyone and their mother is telling you how great it is. Only you can decide if the responsibility of owning a home is something you want to do. Also, it’s not exactly a small purchase.

What got me thinking about this was an article I read by entrepreneur Grant Cardone that discussed his belief that buying a house is for suckers. The main issue with the so called “American Dream” is that it no longer has the appeal it once did. For starters you need to realize that buying a home is not the same as making an investment, even though lots of people would tell you otherwise.

Unless you are dead set on raising a family in a home or you want to try your hand at flipping one for a cool $50K, buying a home just does not make sense. Investing in yourself, however, makes a lot more sense and that’s the real dream you should focus on.

You can start by getting more money from your tax return!

In 3 Great Tax Breaks for People Who Make Less Than $50,000, you will see how easy it is to quickly bump up the amount of money you get back from Uncle Sam.

Did you contribute to savings or retirement last year? You might qualify for an actual credit based on how much you put away.

How about dependents or children? Any cost of care you provided can qualify you for both deductions and credits. And if you earned below a certain amount depending on your filing status you might also be able to get the Earned Income Tax Credit as well.

Check out these articles as well to catch any other potential cash coming your way.

And in case your taxes aren’t the only place you are filed single on your relationship status, than perhaps you’ll delight in this piece, 23 Beautiful Quotes That Celebrate The Invincible Spirit Of The Single Woman. That headline alone is inspiring!

I know V-Day has come and gone, but it really is just another day and has no impact whatsoever on you. That’s why it’s so important to always stay in touch with who you are as a woman every day of the year. And just as many of the great quotes point out, don’t compromise who you are or what you want for anyone.

The right one will find YOU, and love you for exactly the woman you are.


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