Here’s How to Let Your Creativity Take the Driver’s Seat On the Road to Success

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By Valerie Miller

While I was hard at work looking for ways to help you ladies with your career, your love life, and everything else you are in charge of, I found this article on 5 women who helped shape history in 2015.

These women and their inspirational accomplishments are quite motivating and will get you moving towards the changes and things YOU want from life.

  • You can start with 5 great ideas for making your business more successful, like using hyper engagement to stand out from the crowd
  • Then learn the 10 mistakes smart people never make twice
  • And if you need a new path or want to get creative, I have the answers
  • Are you unhappy in your relationship, but stay together anyways? Find out why and what you can do about it
  • Learn how to avoid stressful vibes, open up to your partner, and make it through busy times with some tried and tested strategies
  • There is also a really good reason to stop trying to get thin
  • And many great ways to start eating better, starting with cereal
If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door – Milton Berle

OK, so don’t go and rack up your credit cards and build an actual door, unless it will stand as a motivational symbol to your hard work and dedication of course!

Otherwise start out by reading 5 Ways to Make Your Business More Successful by writer Susan Smith Ellis, who offers suggestions like:

  • Celebrating the Rebel
  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • And Unleashing the Creativity

As Ellis goes into detail, she also backs up her ideas with how each idea comes from a trend you don’t want to ignore when it comes to your business.

For other mistakes you want to avoid when strategizing, check out 10 Mistakes Smart People Never Make Twice.

And if you are in need of something totally new then perhaps a look at’s list of 55 business ideas might inspire you.   Granted some of these positions require more than just an interest to get into.

So unless bicycle cleaning and jewelry making are your cup of tea, I would consider taking a look into real estate.

I’m no expert, but after reading 4 Powerful Ways Real Estate Can Make You a Millionaire, I would say that it is safe to go back into the water of that industry.

Then there is always the self-branding route where you turn your life and times into an internet phenomenon. It’s actually easier than you think and after reading, Extreme Streaming: You Can Now Host a Periscope Broadcast Directly From Your GoPro, you can see just how easy.

There is a star born every minute ladies, maybe yours is next!

Love & It’s Many Pains

Nothing bothers me like when perfectly good women stay in perfectly bad relationships. So when I read Jodee Virgo’s piece, 6 Reasons We Choose the Wrong Partners and Stay in Unhappy Relationships, I knew I had to share.

As a nice follow up, 3 Ways to Avoid Someone Else’s Stressful Vibes by writer Kirsten Nunez helps you to better control situations where you feel like “a person also doubles as an external source of stress.”

This is the reason why sometimes it is hard as a woman to truly express our needs without feeling awkward.  To show you that it can be done with results you want, check out 4 Things to Remember If You Feel Awkward Expressing Your Needs.

You want what you want and should never be forced to keep it locked away ladies.

That’s why it’s so important to connect with your partner as often as you can, even if life is always seemingly getting in the way. If you need some guidance then I urge you to read, Tried-and-Tested Strategies That Busy Couples Use to Spend More Time Together.

Take a Break From Worrying About Your Size & Hear This

One of my favorite articles of the day is by writer Meghan Murphy, who finally said what I have been feeling for a long time. In the piece Here’s a Really Good Reason to Stop Trying to Get Thin, Murphy documents her struggles to stay thin and why going on diets make absolutely no sense.

You will definitely be feeling motivated after hearing the part about where you should, “ just try to eat healthy most of the time.”

And in case you want to try that “most of the time” part out here is some food advice you can browse while at the grocery store.

Let me know what you thought of today’s tips and leave your comments below!


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