Here’s How a Little Reminiscing Could Help Re-Ignite the Fire In Your Soul & Lead You to Success

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By Vanessa Green

Have you ever felt something that you couldn’t quite identify? Kind of like a nameless anxiety where nothing is really wrong, but at the same time, nothing is really right? It’s a type of feeling that depletes your energy and leaves you restless.

I did. I used to be trapped in the endless work-earn-pay bills cycle. I spent 5 years in the corporate world and that was all I did; dragging myself to the office like a zombie every single day. It was a completely lifeless, boring routine with no direction.

Call me old-fashioned but all I really wanted when I was younger was to become a full-time housewife, take care of my husband and my kids, have my own kitchen where I could learn to cook and prettify my little home.

Apparently, as I grew older, I realized that dreams, no matter how simple, are actually not that simple!

The baby daddy and I broke up two years after I gave birth to our child. He didn’t have a job at time so I had no choice but to take full responsibility of everything. I did everything I could to financially support myself and my son. I had to hire a nanny so I could go to work, rent an apartment and pay all the bills.

A few months later, the baby daddy started to give me a little monthly allowance for our child but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to pressure him because I didn’t want to have additional problems in my life anymore. I was just too tired for more conflicts.

One time I was so happy that I had a chance to be alone at my apartment. I let my child spend some time with his grandparents while his nanny took a week off to visit her family.

That quiet moment gave me an opportunity to take a pause and analyze my life.

I told myself, “I didn’t want to remain like this forever, like I was just waiting for an apocalypse to take us all. But how could I possibly move on if I’ve already gotten off track?”

Then, it occurred to me that I haven’t really forgiven myself for all my bad decisions and the baby daddy for comprising the only thing that I’ve ever dreamed of – having a family.

And if I really wanted to move on and bring back the spark in my life, I had to learn to forgive.

After that, I felt that the bruises in my heart started to heal slowly and my loads became lighter. It opened my eyes to many opportunities that I was too blind to see before. I regained my energy and felt the pulsating vibrations in my heart once again.

At some point in our lives, we experience losing that certain spark that makes us feel alive. It doesn’t always have to be caused by some emotional trauma; sometimes, it’s just the boring cycle that we’re in. We let ourselves just go through the motions and take us anywhere.

Reigniting our life is not impossible, but it needs work and it’s mostly internal.

Cultivate the excitement in your life by creating your own adventures.

You should not depend on anything to add zest in your life. You are responsible for your own happiness. So, be creative. Take an idea and add your personal touch to it. It will give you a sense of ownership and accomplishment.

If your relationship is in a rut, here are ways to reignite the fire that once existed between you and your partner.

Though #1 is really fun, I like #3 more: “Reminisce.” Sometimes, remembering the good old days is all you need to let love’s energy flow again.

Create authentic connections with people, paying special attention to the ones who are supportive of you.

Improve your relationships, whether it’s personal or business.

One of our struggles as entrepreneurs is to cope up with returned goods. Aside from being costly, it could also result in unhappy customers.

Peter Sobotta shares 5 ways to facilitate product returns without compromising profitable customer relationships.

Product returns are not necessarily evil. Use them as an opportunity to improve your product quality and an important tool to understand what your customers want.

Love yourself enough to clear out everything that is no longer serving you.

Cleanse yourself, from negative feelings, toxic relationships and unhealthy choices.

To help you achieve optimal health, try the elimination diet.

The benefits of eliminating certain foods for a period of time include:

• Uncovering your hidden food intolerances
• Overcoming chronic fatigue
• Healing your gut
• Improving your digestive and skin problems

Liberate yourself from what’s stopping you from following your heart’s desire.

Identify what’s interfering with your happiness and leaving you unsatisfied with your life. Embrace what you can’t change and be patient in fixing what’s broken.

This piece by Martha Brettschneider titled “How to Cultivate Patience to Get You Through Your Toughest Times” will be very useful in dealing with roadblocks on your journey.

Patience can dissolve all the negative energy that flows in us and others.

Unclog your energy path by getting rid of those toxic emotions. Keep the energy flowing by creating a healthy relationship with the people around you and most importantly, with yourself.

Once you take control of your life, you will be able to see things clearly and you’ll be able to make powerful life affirming choices.


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