Healthy Ways To Vent Your Frustrations

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By Helen Becker

Let’s cut to the chase ladies. When we get together with our girlfriends, we start to gab about everything that has happened to us since the last time we’ve seen each other. Eventually, the conversation leads to the men in our lives and how difficult they are to deal with.

Not only that, you’ll also vent about every little thing that they did to piss you off over the past couple days/weeks/months/etc. Did you know that could be very toxic to not only yourself but to your relationship as well?

Let’s discuss healthier ways to handle stress on a daily basis so you don’t feel like running to your girlfriends for some clarity. Remember… they are your girlfriends for a reason. They are supposed to support you and make you feel better, but they only hear one side of the story.

Healthy Ways To Vent Your Frustrations

1. Cry – Some times the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You go to work at an amazing career that you love but it still gives you stress throughout your day. There are deadlines, customer service issues, etc. You name it and it will probably happen.

It’s okay to cry though. Don’t build it all up until you are literally about to explode. This is when the flaws of your man really come into play. Don’t bottle up your frustrations until you explode… you need some kind of release and crying is a great way to do so.

2. Write – Nothing can help fix issues when during the heat of the moment to take a step away from everything to write down your frustrations. There isn’t any instant gratification from your female friends but it still gives you time to think over everything that was said.

Within the writing, you may find a solution or a different way of talking things out with your partner. There is also an amazing supportive group forums you can find throughout the internet such as Post Secret that allow you to post anonymously and discuss each situation with random strangers.

3. Exercise – This may sound funny but there is no better kind of release than exercise. Even if you are the kind of woman to bottle all of your frustrations up and explode, exercise will help you deal with everything.

Take a high intensity class or hit the gym hard when all you want to do is punch a wall. Instead of breaking your hand, take a boxing class! Exercise not only clears your head of all the stress throughout your day but it also releases the negative feelings you had.

Don’t Be The Problem

The reason why venting to your girlfriends may turn toxic for your relationship because the longer you talk about your man’s flaws… the more the anger just festers in your system. By the time you get home, you are ready to punch him in the face.

Take time to truly understand his point of view, try a couple of these solutions instead of running straight to your girlfriends, and hopefully you’ll see a difference in how you feel about your relationship.


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