Have You Been Doing Your Eye Makeup the Same Way For Years? It Might Be Time to Change Things Up

Image by: Maria Morri
By Krista Michaels

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body for many reasons, but they are also one of the most noticed. While we all have our own way of doing eye makeup, there might be some awesome styles you had no idea about, or don’t think you can pull off. Well you can! Here are some tips to help you step up your eye makeup game.

#1) Choose the Right Type Of Eyeliner

With mascara you can’t really go wrong, you’re just going to get different levels of intensity on those lashes. But when it comes to lining the lid the different types of eyeliners are important for achieving different types of looks. For example if you’re trying to do a cat eye type of lining you are going to need to use a liquid eyeliner that has a precision applicator and won’t smudge once it is on your eyelid. For other looks like a smoky eye you actually want the eyeliner to smudge, so a pencil or a cream is going to be ideal for that. It’s good to have a few different types on hand if you are interested in trying out different looks.

#2) Try New Colors Based On Your Eye Color

Many of us get into a habit when it comes to applying our makeup because we get used to one way of doing things that works good enough and don’t want to experiment when we’re invested in looking good. Sometimes that habit means wearing the same basic colors everyday. It is important to note however that different colors can be more flattering on certain eye colors, so if you have not done much experimenting there might be the perfect shade for you yet. Generally the ideal colors fall on the other side of the color wheel from the eye color.

Darker blue eyes look great with browns and golds which really make them pop in a different way than blacks do. Instead of just calling attention to the eyes, the metallics can make blue eyes look even more striking blue. (Of course these colors can also be combined.) Blue eyes can also be paired with navy colors, so there are really a lot of options.

Green eyes look great with colors that have red undertones, which sounds stranger than it is. Think rust colors or jewel tones. Do be mindful that if it gets too pink it can make you look tired, so try to pair one of the reddish toned eye shadows with black eye liner to avoid that effect. Greens also work well with browns and even purples.

Brown eyes look great with natural earth tones, and they can also be paired with blues and amber colors to try and draw out more of the different colored flecks they have in them. If black looks too severe on your brown eye, a very dark blue can be a perfect alternative.

Hazel eyes look great with anything that makes them shine, such as browns, plums, golds, olives, etc.

#3) Apply Makeup Based On Your Eye Shape

This can take some time playing around to find the perfect application based on your eye shape but it’s worth it. The goal is generally to make the eyes look more awake and luminous no matter if it’s day or night, and where you apply certain makeup can make a huge difference.

Round eyes look great with the top lid lined in either a straight line or a cat eye. Always highlight the brow bone and add in some definition to the lid area. Almond eyes should follow the same technique, making sure that everything you do is protecting the natural symmetry of your eye shape. (Because this is the shape that most people crave!)

Eyes that turn down at the corners might do well with a makeup application technique that pulls them up a bit. Downturned eyes can carry a lot heavier of an eyeliner line and should to make sure that they are popping. To lift up the outer corners a slight cat eye or flip can be helpful.

Deep set eyes should be careful with how much dark eye makeup is applied, since darker eye makeup already creates the look of depth especially in the eyelid crease. Be sure to use plenty of highlight on the area that should be highlighted so that there is some dimension happening and the eyes don’t sink too far back.

With close set eyes the idea is to make them look a bit further apart. To accomplish this it’s best to line the outer edges of the eyes with darker eyeliner and avoid the inner corners which will only bring them closer together. Use bright shadows as highlighter in the inner corners and across most of the lid to draw the line of the eyes outwards.

Hooded eyes can create the illusion of a more round eye by applying some dark eyeshadow into the crease and keeping the only highlight in the inner corners of the eyes. They don’t need much other highlighting because they are already naturally more full and forward than other eye types due to the extra lidded area.

Do you feel like you’ve been doing your makeup all wrong or feel ready to try out some new things? Let us know if any of these options piqued your interest and please share this with your friends!

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