Girl, This Kid Might Be Able to Convince You to Become Vegetarian

By Anne Cacherell

Sometimes, it’s not that easy to justify the norm, particularly the order of food chain to an innocent soul. Indie Rose, an adorable 5-year old girl from Dublin, Ireland, melts internet people’s hearts when she was filmed crying over her food.

It all started when she saw the dead turkey from the butchers while helping to prepare dinner. Indie asked who chopped it up and was persistent to know why. Having her own understanding about the situation and the “chopped up animal people”, Indie refuses to eat animals moving forward because she finds it unfair that they have to die for people to enjoy meat.

And for everyone’s peace of mind, the mother of the kid felt really strong about respecting her daughter’s wish to become vegetarian.

This video gathered more than 9 million views on Facebook since it has been uploaded 3 months ago.

Nice animals have to die for us, humans, just to have food on our plate. It’s indeed a sad and somehow a tragic story. What do you think is the best way to explain the situation to this little girl? Defend yourself by leaving your comments below.

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