Furry Nails & Tablet Sized Smart Bracelets, Here’s What the Ever Merging Worlds Of Fashion & Technology Can Teach You About Business

Image by: Arun Nevader / Getty Images
By Annie Kincaid

Let me first say that fashion is a lot like art sometimes in that someone may find one thing to be genius and another might think it’s absolute trash. I’m not quite sure exactly where I fall in that spectrum when it comes to the latest trend that essentially involves fake hair extensions for your nails.

Thoughts, ladies?

I mean maybe this would work as a one night accessory when you’re going somewhere like an event, party, or club. Definitely not good for movie night and a big bag of buttery popcorn though.

Personally I like when technology merges with fashion. So for my fellow lady techie’s out there, the days of the tablet version of the smart watch are upon us. This review from mashable.com on UK company FlexEnable’s first LCD bracelet highlights what the future of wearable tech is going to look like. And I must say, it looks pretty sweet.

Really though, when you think about it, fashion and technology have always been linked throughout history. With every advancement in technology or new style that comes along, the two feed off of each other’s inventions to keep up with culture.

To illustrate how the link between the two industries has become stronger than ever I found this great piece by writer Noelle Sciacca, who shares her story of what it was like to wear an entire outfit of wearable technology from head to toe. Underwear included.

Feeling awkward in her new digs, the details about Sciacca’s experience reveal that we still have a ways to go before wearable tech becomes reliable, comfortable, and practical, not to mention a little more stylish, it also provides a teachable moment about the unique times we live in.

The lesson here is recognizing a trend and acting on it. If you always find yourself just LOOKING into the things that interest you instead of TAKING PART in them, it’s time to change that right now.

It would be like having a deep yearning to create art, but instead of ever trying it yourself you admire the work of others. That’s called suppressing your passion and there is not a good reason on Earth for doing it. EVER!

And just because you don’t have the training or skills to implement all your awesome ideas, doesn’t mean you can’t find the time and effort to make it happen.

Maybe instead of trying to materialize your goals instantly, you go about them step by step. The first thing to do is to find a position within an industry you want to be in and do everything you can to work your way to where you need to be. You don’t have to become the CEO, just become a vigilant sponge of a woman and soak up as much as you possibly can.

This way you will have been through the kinds of things that will tell you if you are on the right path.

Let’s say you want to become the next celebrity chef to have her own TV show, book deal, cooking-ware line, and chain of internationally renowned boutique restaurants. That ain’t gonna happen overnight, but you better believe that with crazy hard work, it most definitely can happen!

Every dream is different, but the hard work you need to put in to make it happen is constant. So strive to:

  • Go above and beyond the scope of your duties (without causing a problem that is)
  • Be an idea person and no matter how many might get shot down, don’t stop coming up with them
  • Build relationships with your coworkers, bosses, clients, and anyone else you can
  • Get innovative with problem solving
  • Accept any and all new challenges that come your way
  • Ask questions that will give you a deeper, technical understanding of your industry
  • Nourish the experiences you have by stopping to realize the significance of teachable moments

It’s actually not that far off from what the law of attraction is all about. I’m sure you have heard about it in one place or another over the years, but the principle it is based on comes down to you putting yourself in places to craft the kind of life you want to live.

Well known motivational speaker Tony Robins sums it up best in this video when he simply says, “If you want life to change, you have to change. If you want life to get better, you have to get better.”

That and Taylor Swift having your back helps too.

The point is that when you are going to wear furry nails, put on crazy wearable technology, or seriously begin to pursue the things you want in life, you’ve got to own it. If something is not for you, trust your instincts and go another route, but when it feels right don’t give up on doing what makes you truly happy.


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