8 Fun Family Day Activities You’ll LOVE!

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Having fun together is a fantastic tool to keep your relationship fun and fresh. But sometimes you can’t get time away from the kids. Your parents are in Bermuda. Your friends are boycotting children in general. Your neighborhood teenagers have fainting spells because of the Bieber Fever epidemic. If they are prone to fainting, it is unsafe for them to watch my kids. I’m just saying…Maybe it’s time for a fun family date instead!

Here are some fun family day activities to get you started.

Family having fun together

Fun Family Day Activities You’ll Love!

#1) Go to the Zoo

Little girl feeding giraffe at the zoo

The zoo attracts all kinds of people from all walks of life. There are generally shows or presentations in addition to all of the wonderful animals.

#2)Blue Ribbon Dinner

This suggestion comes from a guest blogger on the Dating Divas website. The theme for the night is blue: décor, food, drink, and attire. I suggest watching a family movie as well. Can you say “Smurfs?!”

#3) Family Art Gallery

Young gilr showing off her painting

Surprise the kids by framing their artwork and displaying them around the house. Pretend you are at an art gallery. Dress up, invite your friends, serve kid-friendly hors d’oeuvres, sparkling apple cider in champagne flutes, and toast your favorite artists.

#4) Go for a Hike or Day Camp

Kids hiking

Summertime means camping season. Camping is an excellent idea for a family because it gets your kids outside, breathing in the fresh air, and there are no electronics.

That means mom and dad too. Put your cell phones in the glove box of your truck/car at the campsite. Of course, if you’re leaving the campsite for a hike, then take it with you, just in case of an emergency.

Can’t afford to go camping? No problem, simply camp in your backyard. Pitch the tent in the yard and plan some hiking events around the neighborhood or a park. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids. Wanna know the best part? Indoor plumbing is only a few yards away.

#5) Drive-in Date Night

Drive in movies

I did this project with my kids when I worked at a before/after school program. First, you have each person pick out a cardboard box or a big plastic tote and decorate it like a car. Then park your “cars” in front of the TV so that you can enjoy a movie. Yeah, sure, you can go to the actual drive-in since they are open for the summer season, but this is just more fun. Making the cars adds a whole new level of family togetherness.

#6) Go on a Picnic

Family having a picnic together, anda the dad is reading a book for the little one

Have the kids make their own special treat to bring along on a family picnic (here are some favorite healthy snacks). Enjoy the sunshine and the great company. Bring your dog and your mosquito repellant. Throw in the badminton set or a frisbee and you are ready for a fun-filled day.

#7) Mad Scientist Night

I love old sci-fi B-movies and I love to make a night out of old monster movies and a tub of popcorn. Why not take our idea of a fun night and kick it up a notch. Organize some awesome science experiments with your kids and then watch your favorite monster/mad scientist movies. Babble.com has a great list of 25 At-Home Science Experiments that you can try out with your kids.

#8) Movie Theme Night

I am a sucker for a good theme night. My favorite has been Tombstone/Tombstone Night, where we watched the 1993 version of the movie and had Tombstone pizza, fresh out of the…well, the freezer. It was still pretty fun. Like everything else on this list, it is more fun when you go all out and find themed attire and décor.

The best part of a movie theme night? The popcorn.

So there you have it, eight incredible ideas for a fun family night on those days when you absolutely can’t find a sitter. Have fun!

Fun family day activities

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