From “Me” to “We” – 4 Things to Do When You Move In Together

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By Cara Green

Ladies, whether you’re shacking up or tying the knot, I’m sure you know how many little details there are to iron out when you move in together. My boyfriend and I have been living together for almost a year now, and are happy as can be! Here are a few of the things we did to make the transition smoother.

#1) Figure Out Your Finances

It’s going to be different for every couple – one of you might be the sole breadwinner, or you may both be working jobs you hate. I can’t even begin to tell you how important it is to discuss your budget and who is going to be financially responsible for which expenses.

Take into consideration whether or not your sources of income are stable – if layoffs are looming, one partner is probably going to have to carry a heavier load. Avoid resentment and awkward conversations later and get the money talk out of the way.

#2) Get Your Skeletons Out of the Closet – NOW!

If you’re going to be living together, any secrets that you’ve kept from each other are bound to come out quickly and painfully. If there is anything you aren’t willing to share with one another, it might not be a good idea to move in yet.

If you have a deep dark secret you’ve been dreading to tell him about, rip off the band-aid and just get it off your chest. If you’ve got a good guy, he will appreciate your honesty, and even if he doesn’t like what you tell him, your relationship will become a lot stronger when you’re completely open with your partner.

#3) Talk to Your Families

If you’ve got a more conservative family, it can be intimidating to let them know you’re moving in together. Even if your family couldn’t care less, it’s pretty rotten for them to hear through the grapevine instead of from you. Keep it simple and positive, and if possible, tell them with your significant other sitting next to you.

#4) Audit Your Stuff

My boyfriend didn’t have more than a few duffel bags full of stuff when we moved in together. I, on the other hand, had a mountain of stuff comparable to Everest. I’m a bit of a pack rat and I’ve really had to learn to curb that over the past year. It took a long time to sort through all of the extra stuff I had before the house finally felt like we both lived there.

Take a weekend and go through everything you own and be brutally honest with yourself. If you haven’t used it in a year, it’s broken or you don’t like it, it’s not reasonable to keep it. Put an ad on Craigslist and get rid of it all – you’ll feel like a new person!


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