Forgot His Birthday? 6 Last Minute Gift Ideas that Feel Planned

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By Bailey Campbell

We’re certainly not perfect and we’re definitely busy, so even the best intentioned of us might forget an important date or two! When it comes to forgetting an important one however, like his birthday, it takes thinking fast to recover without skipping a beat. Here are some last minute gift ideas that will make him feel like you have been planning them for months.

#1) A Staycation

Depending on where you live, a staycation can sometimes be even more fun than going on a long trip. It’s basically all of the luxury and relaxation time but without the long flight or car ride. A stay cation works well as a last minute gift idea for a couple reasons. For one thing, you don’t have to plan much besides booking a hotel room.

Luckily, there are a bunch of travel sites that offer last inure hotel room openings…that are often offered for a fraction of their normal price in an effort to get as many rooms filled as possible. If you can score one of those, you’ll have tons of cash leftover for buying drinks at the pool or enjoying a romantic couples massage.

The key to enjoying a staycation is to really embrace the vacation feel even if you are just down the street from your house. Go easy on the work stuff and don’t let your friends crash your romantic weekend, or at least not the entire time!

#2) Tickets

Now surprising him with tickets for something the day of his birthday would be ideal, but you can also just print them out and pop them into a birthday card to surprise him with at dinner. Think if there has been a concert or artist he’s been talking about for ages, or if there’s a traveling show of some sort coming to town soon that he might enjoy attending. You could also plan a mini trip away to attend one of these shows or games if you don’t have them locally where you are located.

#3) A Subscription of Some Sort

The nice thing about ordering a subscription as a gift is that you don’t have to offer anything up right away. It’s coming in the mail! Magazines and stuff like that can be cool, or you can take it to the next level and sign him up for a wine or food item of the month club that send a different version of the product every single month. (Plus, the monthly gifts that keep on giving will probably get shared with you, so double win.)

#4) Bring His Favorite People to Him

Does your honey have some friends or family that live out of town? Why not convince them to all to come visit for a little celebrating? Even if you can’t get them there on the actual day of if you can plan it out for an upcoming weekend it’s close enough. He’ll be delighted that you thought to gather up all his favorite people in one place no matter when it ends up going down. You can throw a little birthday party at that point and he’ll feel like he’s getting an entire birthday month.

#5) Give Him a Free Day

Here’s another way to spoil your man without actually having to plan anything…let him choose the plans! Clear a day (or the actual birthday day) and surprise him with a completely open day free of chores, work etc. The two of you can eat at that restaurant he’s been really wanting to try, take a day trip, or anything else that he’s been putting off. The idea is to offer up the freedom and support to take in part in whatever it is that really makes him happy.

#6) Take Him Shopping

Taking your man shopping is a more fun alternative than buying him stuff or giving him a gift card anyway! Plan a shopping trip to treat you guy with some new threads and have some bonding time while you’re at it. Bonus points: you can weigh in on his clothing choices. If he’s hesitant to treat himself to nice things on an average shopping trip, take him to special store we he can pick out something memorable.

What do you think of these last minute gift ideas that still make a big impact? Let us know if you have had to come up with any of your own on the spot or if you will be using any of these! 


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