Feeling Stuck Because Things Didn’t Go As Planned? 4 Ways to Get Back On Your Feet & Move On

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By Lex Lopez

I always start my day with a list of things-to-do. Sticking to my schedule makes me feel productive, focused and organized. Yesterday, everything was moving smoothly until the internet gave me trouble.

If it was me 5 years ago, I would’ve made a big deal out of it and let it ruin the rest of my day. Perhaps it comes with maturity because now, I understand that not everything in my life will go as planned.

So, I called my service provider, tried not to think of the many tasks I had to finish and just enjoyed the rest of my day.

Ladies, it’s a hard truth that things won’t always go as expected, however, to help you deal with these setbacks, here are 4 ways to get you back on your feet and push yourself forward.

Focus on doing things that make you feel good about yourself and surround yourself with supportive and positive people.

There’s no better time to treat yourself to a spa or fill your day with fun-filled activities than when you’re hurting or feeling low. It will not only take your mind off your frustrations but it will also give you breathing time and space to focus your perspective. In addition, receiving strong emotional support from friends and family will help you feel secured, remind you of your value, and nourish your heart.

For example, let’s say you’re having a hard time getting over your feelings for a guy who just doesn’t like you back.

According to writer Mark Rosenfeld, sometimes, the problem isn’t about getting a guy to like you, but rather getting yourself to stop liking him. To weaken your feelings, you will need a team composed of yourself and your supportive friends to turn the spotlight onto you and help you accept things and push you out in the world again.

Be open to changing your approach or consider trying new experiences to generate a different outcome moving forward.

Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is indeed craziness of the highest degree. You may need to tweak and tailor your actions in order to produce the results that you want.

As an entrepreneur, for instance, you have keep abreast with the emerging technologies and fast changing needs of your customers. You have to continually evolve and transform to survive the competition.

To help you keep up with the latest social media craze, check this out – “Why You Should Seriously Consider Building a Facebook Messenger Bot.”

Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, this platform is designed to help you provide information and updates that may interest your customers and offer them simple call to action buttons for ordering and customer support.

Old school or traditional marketing is okay but not when you’re trying to compete with other businesses and keep up with the latest technological developments.

Your beliefs can either help you or hurt you. Choose the growth mindset instead of the fixed one.

Your mind is a very powerful thing. Having a fixed mindset doesn’t provide room for developments and improvements. On the other hand, having the ability to change the way you think whenever necessary can lead to better habits, more efficient practices and acquisition of new ideas and skills.

About two years ago, I got infected by a viral disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. I had joint and muscle pains and based on my own research, I found out that these effects could be permanent. I was just in my early 30s and I found it hard to accept that little movements made me feel like I was already 75.

My husband encouraged me to fight it by doing simple exercises to gain back my strength. I was hesitant at first. I was thinking it wouldn’t do much because I was kind of hopeless. But, I tried it anyway and after a couple of months, I noticed that I started to feel better.

And now, I’m back to normal and feeling stronger than ever because I made it a point to exercise regularly since then.

So, don’t limit your thinking that exercise is just for you to lose weight. In fact, studies shows that it works like a wonder drug, a “miracle cure” for people with chronic diseases to improve their condition, mentally and physically.

Pain demands to be felt, therefore you have to reconnect with your painful emotions so that you can be whole again.

You have to acknowledge your pain, your fear or whatever negative emotions you are keeping in your heart before you can transform them into something positive. It’s a long and difficult process. Suppressing your feelings and being dishonest with yourself will only make you weak and sick and worse, it could also lead to self-abuse.

To help you be more aligned with yourself and your spirituality the right way, check this out – “8 Ways Spiritual People Can Fool Themselves.”

Many people tend to bypass some essential processes and jump into spirituality prematurely. In effect, some emotions remain unresolved making them delusional of their perceptions.

Ladies, whatever situation you currently find yourself in, it is important not to get stuck in any negative feelings that could prevent you from moving towards with your dreams. So, instead of imprisoning and defeating yourself, learn to love yourself more, let go and move on.


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