Fashion Trend: Black & White

Image by: The Shopping Sherpa
By Sandra Miglino

It seems like no matter where you shop, you are blazed with two separate fashion trends. Emerald was voted for the color of the year but more and more fashion designers are sticking with black and white for their inspiration.

The biggest fashion trend of the year is black and white. From shoes, to dresses, to pants, to blouses; black and white is very elegant and a nice contrast from what we’ve had for numerous years. Let’s go through some of the best pieces that are trending right now.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been a fashion trend for a couple years now but they’ve stuck around with the ever changing colors; and it looks like that’s just what has happened again. Nordstroms has a gorgeous contrast of black and white that will make slender legs look amazing.

THe low rise Hudson “Collin” Skinny Stretch Jeans are quite the attraction. For only $198, you can own a pair of skinny jeans that will look amazing for a night out with the girlfriends to pair with black stilettos OR you could dress it down as well.

You can complete the look with a gorgeous the gorgeous Bailey “Toro” Tank or stick with a solid white or solid black.


The Kate Spade Carolyn dress is definitely a dress to die over. I’ve gone back to Kate Spade almost every day trying it on; it fits any figure like a glove. It definitely fits a full hourglass figure but it slims your hips while hugging the sexy figure of the hourglass.

It got tons of promotion due to the fact that Taylor Swift wore it on a commercial she shot as well as wore it to quite a few red carpet events. This dress will set you back a good $497 but it’s definitely worth the investment. You’ll be the talk of any event walking in wearing this chic B&W striped dress.


Kate Spade has literally hit it out of the park this season with her chic black and white style. Her “Myrna” silk blouse has been a favorite of celebrities all over Hollywood. The greatest part about this blouse is that it’s not striped – which is amazing because only some ladies can truly pull off the stripes.

Women everywhere are flocking to purchase this $228 top due to the fact they can wear any color skinny jeans that they want with it. The 60’s sea-foam green is also coming back in style this season and it pairs nicely with this blouse.

No matter what your style ladies; black and white is the new trend for spring/summer 2013. Make sure to add a number of black and white outfits to your closet. I mean, a little black dress will always be a sexy addition to any closet [it’s a necessity for those of you who don’t have one].

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