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While I was working and having my breakfast the other day, Jenna, my housemate, asked me what I was writing. It was actually a little planner. I have a habit of writing down all the things that I need to do in the day, from cooking, writing, downloading songs, to watching my favorite TV series, everything. I don’t call it a schedule because I am not really following a strict timeline, but it’s more of my productivity indicator.

When Jenna saw my list, she just laughed and called me obsessive-compulsive. She was right, but this habit of mine gives me some sense of direction on how to go on with my day. Without it, I would feel lost.

The following morning, she started doing the same thing too. She said she would give it a try because she was kind of forgetful and she had some issues keeping herself focused. At the end of the day, Jenna told me that she was able to finish a lot of things and was happy with how her day went.

Sometimes, we get so busy solving our big problems that we tend to overlook the importance of tiny habits that could help us live a better life.

Here are ways on how you can baby-step your way to creating big changes in your life.

Keep Track of Your Blessings

When you begin to count your blessings, instead of focusing on your frustrations, things that you don’t have and all the negative things around you, you will realize that there are a lot of things to be thankful for in your life, making you feel happier and healthier.

Practicing gratitude gives you an option to approach life in a more positive manner. It will help widen your views about the many meanings of happiness.

Writer Sara Raffensperger suggests creating a bullet journal to get your life together.

Unlike a regular gratitude journal wherein you only write a list of your blessings, bullet journaling encourages you to utilize your artistic ability making this practice more interesting, relaxing and most importantly, personalized. So, have fun writing your special encounters for the day, tracking your health and financial habits, and keeping a record of your positive thoughts.

Adapt a Positive Morning Ritual

Establishing a meaningful morning routine builds a positive rhythm to make you feel calm and to shield yourself from negative energies that could potentially ruin your day.

The first thing that I used to do every waking morning was to turn on my laptop and open my Facebook to check for the latest news. But after some time, I noticed that unpleasant news that appears on my feed would always ruin my mood for the entire day. And even if it was just a few glances and scrolls, I would feel obligated to reply and react to the negative posts and comments of my friends. And by the time I finished reacting to everything, it was already too late to realize that I wasted an hour accomplishing nothing.

So, to help you get more out of your day, check this out – “5 Morning Rituals to Make Each Day Happier and More Productive.”

Set Your Self Up for Small Daily Wins

If you’re the type of person who gets easily overwhelmed by big goals or discouraged by seemingly impossible dreams, this practice will definitely work for you. Setting yourself up for small victories gives direction to your day and allows you to have some feeling of accomplishment with minimum effort.

Dr. Ralph Ryback shares ways on how you can turn your goals into a habit and trick your brain into helping you accomplish your goals.

In my opinion, it’s easier to be consistent when you have small goals. And the more regular you perform certain actions, the easier it is for your brain to convert it into a habit. And once a good behavior becomes a habit, you will be capable of changing your environment and your life for the better.

Build Healthy Patterns to Keep Your Connections Strong

Because no man is an island and life is not always about you, you have to do things that will keep your important relationships going. It wouldn’t hurt to do little sweet and thoughtful things for your friends, significant other or colleagues every day. Again, it doesn’t have to be big. It could be as simple as leaving a thank you note, making them a sandwich or just giving a genuine compliment.

And speaking of little things, I can still remember the little traditions that me and my college boyfriend created, such as him kissing my forehead every time we passed by this tree beside our dormitory, me always getting the last bite of whatever food we were sharing and many more memories of the like. Though we are not together anymore and happy with our own lives, these simple things created good memories that have the power to make you smile.

Building healthy patterns is also possible in long distance relationships. I guess you just need to put extra time in and a little hard work as well in order to keep the romance alive. According to writer Nabin Paudyal, proper management is the key to make LDR work. You can try sending each other gifts at least to have something tangible to remember each other; or you can send each other seductive selfies to reinforce trust and creative imagination.

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