Create a Real Plan For Action & Learn From Your Mistakes With the Help Of This Inspiring 100-Year-Old Grandma

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By Anne Cacherell

About a month ago, while I was trying to declutter our bedside table, I saw my husband’s fitness band that tracks the number of steps, calories burned and active minutes. The battery was giving him trouble while he’s out working so he stopped using it. It occurred to me that instead of wasting the gadget and the money that we spent on it, why don’t I try to use it myself?

I went ahead, charged it and tried to change the information on its settings. It was asking for my weight so I had no choice but to do one of the things that scare us women the most, step on the scale. And just like a nightmare, I couldn’t believe that I had gained 10lbs!

I immediately looked in the mirror and examined myself closely. And yes, it’s all there, armpit fat, muffin top, sagging arms, flabby inner thighs – you name it, I have it! Though I was in a state of shock, I knew what I had to do. I grabbed a notebook and started to create a workout and a diet plan.

Since then I have been exercising almost every day and counting all the calories in my food. I’ve already lost 6lbs and I know that I still have a long way to go. You see, change doesn’t come easy. We all have to work for it.

Discipline doesn’t just happen. It’s certainly not fun in the beginning either. You have to be consistent and withstand the short term pain for long term gain.

Ladies, for a change, let’s stop blaming the holidays for all the fat we gained. I bet this story titled “100-Year-Old Yogi Says Three Decades of Practicing Yoga Has Changed Her Life” by Guzelian will shame us all. There’s no slowing Jean Dawson down. Regardless of her age, she’s practiced yoga every single week for the past three decades.

Once and for all, let’s shut up, take a good look at our situation, stop making excuses, start cleaning our mess and make the steps necessary to make things right and better.

Same goes with our relationships. Ladies, seriously, when will we ever learn to love ourselves more? After a series of failed relationships and years and years of dating the wrong person, what have we realized?

If you’re not sure how to answer, I highly recommend that you read “Dating Advice My 30s Would Give to 20s Me.” Writer Eliza Gonzalez gives 8 pointers on why we should never ever settle in a so-so relationship.

Stop abusing and treating yourself like a scrap. You are beautiful, flaws and all. Know your value and never set your standards lower than what you deserve.

This means paying attention to your health. Check out “Sugar May Be As Damaging to the Brain As Extreme Stress or Abuse” that highlights a new study showing how too much sugar in your diet can do damage to your brain.

Balance is the key. Too much of everything is as bad as too little.

This precept also applies to business. In the piece, “7 Deadly Sins and 7 Virtues of Email Marketing” by Beth Hayden, you’ll learn how to yield more satisfying results and get more followers when you deliver consistently and create interesting content in your messages. One key take away is:

Under-promoting reflects your lack of passion and over-promoting shows desperation.

For example, you can’t just disappear from your subscribers after sending them an automated welcome message. Also, you can’t have dull and boring content and expect your clients not to unsubscribe from your list. So, I strongly suggest that you take a look at this article first before you write your next email and hit that send button.

Putting good habits in practice, whether you are dealing with the real world or the digital marketing world, brings positive change in your life. However, it is not as easy as “Hello. Thank you for subscribing to our page. We will keep you up to date with our latest news” and that’s it.

Discipline is a series of well-thought out and reasonable actions, conscious planning and commitment.

If you want to lose weight, exercise. If you want to fix your diet, watch your calorie intake. Do you want to find the man who will treat you right? Then, start treating yourself right.

When we learn to be disciplined, then balance will follow.

I never said it was going to be easy, but when you come to fully understand that it is the best course of action, even if it’s not convenient and fun, then you will be more than glad to do it.


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