Coping With the Loss Of Her Late Military Veteran Husband, This Woman Found New Hope In Honoring Him

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By Julie Redwood

Megan Ledsome recently lost her husband, Craig, who served as a Cpl. in the marines until 2006. As devastated as she and her son Caleb were to hear about the loss of her late husband, her friends and family offered loving support, even telling her that she would find a new man eventually.

However, those words of comfort turned on Megan when she did, in fact, meet someone new. Having fell in love with the new guy, Greg, those kind words that others have offered Megan, soon turned into contempt.

According to Greg, he has no intentions of replacing Craig. Instead, the couple chooses to honor the life of Craig as a sign of respect. As Caleb’s late father, Craig will always be missed. For Megan, finding a new man meant that life does go on and although the two are no longer together, he will always be remembered.

The video above describes Megan’s story. Although, it’s been a tough road with coping with the loss of a loved one, her story will help others, facing the same situation, to find the courage to move on.

Please tell us what you think! Have you lost anyone in the military?  What advice would you offer to those handling the same kind of loss? Comment below.


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