3 Companies Profiting From Their Investments & How They Can Be Good For Your Money

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Business is an ever-changing realm that is a direct result of changes with customers needs and wants. Today’s customer may think differently than those from just a few years back and further, but one thing remains the same, the need to make customers happy. Customer satisfaction is of great importance for businesses looking to spread their wings in terms of delivering quality advertisements, goods and services.

Advertisements are there to hook a customer to a product, sometimes they are emotional, sometimes not so much, however, all businesses hope to make a profit off their ads by producing them in a compelling way that makes the consumer want more. Social media has greatly influenced the way, not only how the world interacts with one another, but also in the entertainment industry as well. With turnarounds in companies such as Netflix, Apple computers, Google and even the flourishing YouTube, how businesses market to customers matter and to ensure that their desired markets are getting reached, companies are testing their limits and delivering services beyond what they are known for.

As companies, such as Google and Apple shift the way our culture views entertainment, one can only assume that these companies will only become Titans in the music, online video and television sector in the near future, which could make a monumental difference in your investment plans.

Is it safe to invest in such companies? What should you learn before throwing down your hard earned cash into these companies for financial growth? We’ll take a look at what some of these successes can do for you portfolio.

#1) A Higher Value

Apple has become the most valuable company in the world as of late and it’s $700 billion earnings didn’t come over night. With the arrival of the iPod, Apple has kept a consistent loyal following for at least a decade and whatever it builds, the customers will buy it. As a result, Apple’s stock has risen and will elevate even further for years to come.

Beginning with iTunes and now with Apple TV, the brand is hoping to take customers away from cable bundlers and move on over to their 25-channel services for a mere price of no more than $40 per month. It’s working, and since more people are becoming dissatisfied with their cable packages, Apple’s idea will hopefully spur people to hop on the bandwagon and ditch their traditional cable services.

On the investment side of things, cable seems to be getting the short end of the stick these days with their bad reviews of customer services, yet the numbers aren’t adding up, as millions of Americans are still subscribed to the companies. As Apple TV arises, the low prices and coveted channels sounds like a huge bargain and with Apple in the name, it will likely become a hit, strengthening Apple’s empire.

Is Apple viable stock though? Likely. Although Apple seems to be at it’s peak point of success, people argue that it can only go down. However, with the continual push of innovative gadgets, the company will likely stay on top.  According to Raymond Meyers, a leading Marketocracy manager, “Apple has industry-leading profit margins on its hardware and unprecedented customer loyalty to its brand. The Apple Stores have the best sales per square foot of any retail business. The iTunes store has redefined the music industry. The iPhone is the standard for smartphones. Every other smartphone is compared to the iPhone.” When it all adds up, investing in a repetitively successful company is a a reason to trust them enough to double your earnings.

2) Don’t Trust Your Instincts 

It makes sense for a company like Google to purchase YouTube after becoming googly-eyed at the “vlogging” and video service and how popular it was becoming. However, after acquiring the site for $1.65 billion, YouTube went from a mere 20 million annual users to a whopping billion. That’s a huge difference. A difference that means that Google not only took a huge risk for a huge chunk of change, but this risk has surely paid off in that more people are creating content, bringing in more advertisers and more money.

YouTube had it’s humble beginnings in 2005 then exploded into popularity and is now worth about $90 billion dollars. As Google and YouTube work cohesively,  the union has undoubtedly paid off and as a result, Google is producing about 25% more, bringing it’s value up to $375 billion.

Although some naysayers may claim that technology and social media should have no place in business, starter companies and independent investors alike are not all privy to trends on the market on an economic level when it comes to businesses, such as Google and Apple. With the knowledge gained and growth opportunities for the companies, investors have an opportunity grow their money exponentially in a market that is said to hit $2 trillion in the next few years.

The old way of thinking about investment opportunities is hastily waning, making more room for technology, entertainment and social media junkies to easily jump on the investment bandwagon and make smart financial decisions. One can learn a lot from some of the most successful companies in the world, which doesn’t require some fancy pedigree or college degree. Since companies such as Google and Apple are taking advantage of the market, you too can also get a slice of the pie.

#3) Go With the Flow

Although Netflix’s shares may not be as large as Google and Apples, there’s something to be said about a company that can continually gain money without the need to come out with new products, only quality movies. Blockbuster is no longer with us, but there’s a new kid in town offering a $7.99 per month subscription giving endless amounts of movie watching experience. A huge investment for movie lovers.

Netflix as a company is also given a great benefit from a streaming line of customers domestically and internationally for a fraction of the price of going to a movie theater. Netflix was also first to come up with streamed movies, which has happily coined the term, “binge watching” (Orange Is the New Black, anyone?).

Although Netflix has increased in popularity, it has some new found competition with HBO’s live streamed videos along with Amazon movies. Although other players have entered the game as well, Netflix doesn’t have too many tough competitors as of yet, but as with many companies that have a monopoly in a particular genre, there is always room for plummeting stocks.

Sometimes gaining successful investments from a company that you trust is difficult to come by, particularly when that market is over-saturated by investors anyways. For this reason, investing in firms that no one has thought about might be an option for you. For the new generation of women who are learning to manage their own money, there comes new ideas and with those ideas, sometimes one has to think outside the box.

Consider these investment opportunities for growth in your financial life. In a world where bandwagons and trends are so popular, maybe it’s time to look at something more unconventional for a change.

Are you investing? Tell us about some of your greatest triumphs and failures. Perhaps you’ve picked yourself back up and earned beyond your wildest dreams. Share your stories, good and bad. Maybe you can be an inspiration to someone!


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