Common Pitfalls When Negotiating Sales

Common Pitfalls When Negotiating Sales 1
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By Theresa Grant

Being a salesperson, ladies, is quite the difficult feat. You have to be a smooth talker but not too smooth to where they could perceive it as flirting. You have to always remain professional when you are negotiating sales.

There are common pitfalls that people fall into when negotiating sales that you can learn before you make the same mistake. I’m going to talk about common pitfalls sales people fall into.

Selling A Product Instead Of Focusing On Needs

A lot of newer saleswomen or even seasoned saleswomen that aren’t as successful as the top sellers is that they focus too much on selling the product and not what the customer needs. If you can get to the essence of why someone should purchase your product; then you can improve your sales tenfold.

Think about life before smoke detectors. Why would anyone buy a smoke detector when people before them have survived without them. What purpose do they serve? No one wanted to buy them when they first came out because it wasn’t considered a necessity.

A smart saleswoman would look at the product and figure out the essence of the product. Smoke detectors served as safety for their family and their self. Once the sales people figured out safety was the core need for their clients; they weren’t able to keep up with demand.

Talking Instead Of Listening

Another common pitfall a lot of sales people fall into is that they know how to talk and they know how to be smooth… but have you even listened to your client? What are their needs? You need to ask questions to get down to the essence.

People are going to be very weary around sales people. They know they don’t want to feel pressured into making a snap decision. They just want all of their questions answered, they want the sales person to listen to their needs, and actually react to their needs.

Listen to your clients. Even if you instantly talk after their done talking; they’ll believe you didn’t even listen. Let what they said resonate in you for a minute before you speak. Take a breath and soak it in. Then you can move forward after you listen to their needs and meet their needs.

Being Too Pushy

There’s a reason why no one likes going to a used car dealership or why they consider used car salesmen slimy. It’s because they will push you and pressure you into making a decision today. A good sales person knows when to push and when to back away.

You are more likely to lose a sale by being too pushy than by not being pushy enough. Find the happy medium – of course there’s going to be room for trial and error. It’s just crucial that you don’t push too hard and lose a client over a few bucks.

It’s a fine line between being an informative person and earning that commission. Find that fine line and hone your sales negotiations. Even sales people who have been in the business for years make mistakes. Just learn from common mistakes and continue to grow as a sales woman. It’s a lucrative position so enjoy it.

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