Branching Out Now Will Help You Flourish All Year Long

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By Rose Vance

Ladies, you could spend your time reading about which Kardashian represents the different parts of your soul, or you could learn about the bride who held her wedding reception at her mother’s Alzheimer’s home.

Both worthwhile reads don’t get wrong.

But somewhere in between I want to share some other helpful bits of information that are worth a few minutes of your time.

  • Like how color correcting is the new makeup craze
  • Or the 8 New ways to wing your eyeliner
  • We’re also going to look at the 10 hair secrets you should know by the time you’re 30
  • As well as some ways to change up your look for the new year
  • Then I’ll show you why it’s not totally your fault for not keeping your new year’s resolutions
  • And what you can do about that come spring time
  • Until then it might help to reboot your thoughts on happiness
  • And find out the 10 best ways to increase your dopamine levels without medication
  • So you can be in the right state of mind when we talk about men
Lots Of Color, Or Not So Much

OK, so I did mention the Kardashian’s earlier, but I swear it was an accident. It really didn’t have anything to do with this article, Move Over Contouring: Color Correcting Is the New Makeup Craze. Writer Jessica Andrews explains exactly what color correcting is in case you have not heard of it:

“It functions like contouring in that you draw on your face like an elementary school chalkboard. But rather than just focusing on light or dark areas, color correcting balances out the skin tone using opposite hues on the color wheel.”

You can also find a slightly different guide to color-correcting makeup here.

And to go along with your perfected foundation, why not try out one of these 8 New Ways to Wing Out Your Eyeliner? I’ve been doing a very subtle version myself for a while, but I think it’s time to kick it up a notch!

Real quick, if you’re looking to go for an even more dramatic look, maybe 16 Hair Looks That Will Convince You to Go Lavender is worth a click. Just sayin’.

Otherwise for a few options a little less colorful but just as beautiful, check out 10 Hair Secrets You Should Know by the Time You’re 30 by writer Adrianna Barrionuevo.

As well as Allie Flinn’s piece The Swag Is the Sexy New Shag Haircut to Swoon Over. She says,

“Unlike 70s iterations, the modern take is all about swingy, choppy layers and tons of messy texture. The versatile haircut works with nearly every hair type and face shape, so if you’re wondering if you can pull it off — you can!”

For some ideas in the wardrobe department I urge you to look at 10 Simple Ways to Change Up Your Look for 2016. I know for some women it might seem strange, but I am all about rockin’ the socks with pumps! Paired right, it’s the style meets comfort look I can get behind.

New Year’s Resolutions Start In Like May Right?

If you have not been keeping up with all those promises that seem so far in the past now, then It’s Not Totally Your Fault You Can Never Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions is something you will want to read.

Writer Sean Levinson blames it on science and the fact that our brains allow, “bad habits [to] become imprinted on vital neural networks.” Basically it means you have to learn how to replace those bad habits with good ones.

And you will have the time to do that after you read 5 Ways to Restart Your Resolutions This Spring. You’ll find out why waiting for, “a better setting to tap into your motivated self,” might be exactly what you need to do.

To Be Happier, You Really Have to Know What Makes You Happy

That’s Why Everything We’ve Been Told About Happiness Is Flawed explores other ways to bring meaning into your life. Writer Stephanie Vozza explains her ideas with the help of author Colin Beavan,

“To redefine happiness, you have to explore who you really are. “Too many of us get caught up in the 10,000 ad messages that bombard us every day, and we start wanting things we don’t need,” says Beavan. “Things are at the surface of who we are; deeper inside, you find passions. Ask yourself, ‘What do I care about?’”

After you read the rest of Vozza’s article, you might also be interested in 10 Ways You Can Increase Dopamine Levels In The Brain Without Medication. It ties into that whole happiness thing quite nicely.

And when discussing men, happiness is a very necessary goal. 7 Things That Prove You’re Not Crazy, He’s Just Crazy About You by writer Sabrina Alexis is her response to what she says is,

“By far the most common, relentless question that comes across my desk is some variation of ‘How does he feel about me?’”

I hope some of these helped you in some way, please let us know in the comments!

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