Best Social Media Sites To Network On

Best Social Media Sites To Network On 1
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By Theresa Grant

When it comes to social media; there are tons of avenues to use your marketing tactics to reach new customers & professional contacts. With new sites popping up all of the time and Myspace instantly becoming relevant again; what sites are the best to network on?

I am registered on practically every single social media platform and have seen success on numerous sites when I networked on them. So I’m going to talk about what social media platforms are best when it comes to business contacts.


Facebook is quite the platform with over 800 million registered users; there are bound to find some great contacts in the world. When it comes to networking, you have to actually be smart with who you contact and why you’re contacting them.

What you have to do is target the people you want to network with. If you’re a business owner; set up a Facebook page for your company. That way; your customers will be able to “like” your page and interact with you on a daily basis.

Another way to utilize Facebook and network with them is to pay for Facebook advertisements. You can target certain keywords that people have in their “about me” or “interests” which will show ads relevant to your customers needs. It’s a great way to network your company that way.


The next platform I’ve had the most success on was Twitter; which has over 278 million active users. Networking on Twitter has been an easier process for my services than Facebook has been. Facebook provides a more “friend” vibe where as Twitter has brought me more professional contacts.

You’re able to reach a larger audience by using hashtags/tending topics to talk with a wide variety of professionals. You can tweet top CEOs (some of them are actual users and some are the PR representative for that person) but you’re able to communicate with people you may not have had the option to in real life.

Twitter also allows you to network by purchasing pay per click ads where you’ll only pay for every retweet or response from your ad. They implement the keywords and will show your ad (aka tweet) to a variety of customers.


The last network I’ve had a lot of success on is LinkedIn. The reason why LinkedIn is beneficial to your business is because people are able to write referrals about you and your company. Having friends in “high” places will definitely benefit you on this site. Essentially it builds credibility.

Another benefit to LinkedIn is that it’s the largest professional social media site on the internet as of today. You’ll find the most professionals that are at the top of their industries and folks you would find at any industry mixer.

Essentially, the 3 big dogs of social media are the best places to network when it comes to internet networking.


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