Benefits Of The Pure Barre Workout

Benefits Of The Pure Barre Workout 1
Image by: Pure Barre
By Rebecca Johnson

Pure barre is the latest workout craze in the woman’s world. I have a lot of friends that are enrolled in the classes losing weight. Type it into a Google search bar and the results you’ll get are inspiring. There are all these claims of “getting a rockin’ body like Natalie Portman”.

From the Pure Barre website, it states: “Pure Barre is the fastest, most effective way to change the shape of your body. Using small isometric movements at the ballet barre set to motivating music, Pure Barre lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs and arms and burns fat in record breaking time. Clients see results in just 10 classes, lose inches in weeks and have fun doing it!”

Benefits Of Pure Barre

Calories – The biggest benefit of Pure Barre is that it burns an insane amount of calories. You will burn around 500 calories per class even though it’s a very low impact workout.

Joints – Another benefit of this exercise is that it isn’t rough on your joints at all. There’s no jumping or bouncing and you’ll still tone up! I’ve seen so many informercials claiming if I’m not jumping or bouncing… I’m not burning as many calories and won’t tone up like I want to be.

Stretching With Muscle Building – A huge benefit of taking a Pure Barre class is that with every exercise that contains strength building, they add a couple stretches afterward. They focus on lean muscles instead of bulking up.

As Powerful As Yoga – Pure Barre says the workout requires such focus that you block out everything for the hour, allowing you to obtain the mental benefits achieved in yoga or meditation.

Fast Results – I have a girlfriend that is enrolled in the Pure Barre class. She has only been at it for a month but said after the first few classes, she started seeing results! That’s the best benefit of them all!

Don’t Take My Word For It

Remember, I’m just the messenger. A great way to know if Pure Barre is right for you is to go audit a class before signing up for a package of classes. Watch this short 4 minute video of testimonials from real people if you are on the fence about this new craze.

Pure Barre At Home

Don’t worry if you can’t find a Pure Barre class in your area. There is an extensive collection of Barre DVDs that you can use at home. This way, you will not be missing out on one of the best workouts that can completely transform your body.

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