Being a Brave Woman & Running Your Life On Your Own Terms Starts With Believing In Yourself

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By Anne Cacherell

Someway, somehow in this lifetime, we have all been inspired by great women, who helped shaped us into the person we are today.

I have a lot of favorites and one of them was my grade school principal, Mrs. Lazaro.

If you grew up under her guidance, you would never consider studying a joke. She was incredibly strict and very hands-on. She would personally deal with students who broke school regulations or didn’t do their assignments, and she even knew who was going somewhere they shouldn’t during and after school.

Yes, believe me. She had eyes even outside school premises; that’s how good she was. Cutting class was impossible under her watch. Because of her, school was less fun and I used to hate her for that.

A strong woman doesn’t care if she’s unwanted, but she does what she needs to and what she thinks is best.

One time, she gave us a task to keep a diary for a couple of months and we were required to put an entry in it every day. We were also encouraged to be honest when we wrote in it, from our crushes, feelings about school policies, and even family issues.

When our class advisor told us that Mrs. Lazaro was asking for our diaries, everyone panicked. But we thought, well, she wasn’t going to read all that.

Towards the end of the school year, we received our diaries back. What was really surprising was that she wrote a personal message at the back of each diary.

A spot for tenderness is one of women’s unique strengths. Her personal touch and attention to details enable her to see what others missed.

And mind you, it wasn’t a generalized note. It was specific to all of our personal issues. It included her advice, some motivational words, and how she wished for us to succeed in the future.

Taking time to learn about each one of us was very impressive. After that, I started to look at her differently. I realized that she wasn’t power tripping and that she was deeply concerned about our well-being.

After 15 years, I still have that old diary. I kept it safe, not because I wanted to look back at my past, but because her handwritten words on my diary still serves as my inspiration up to now.

It’s wonderful to succeed every time we try something new. However, before we become proud of ourselves, we should first understand what it really takes to be stronger and braver in this life.

Know what you want and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

If you don’t like it, say it. If you believe it’s unfair, speak your mind.

In “Why Turning Men Down is so Exhausting,” writer Hayley MacMillen shares her views on worrying about being unsexy or unlikeable whenever we say NO to someone.

There’s nothing wrong in saying NO. The word may sound a little aggressive, but if you really want to take control of your life, then by all means, you have to learn to say it.

After deciding what you actually want in life, go for it!

Establish your purpose and carefully map out your plans before you take the first step in making your dreams come true.

And to guide you on your way to success, here are 5 tips from Australian model and entrepreneur Jennifer Hawkins.

I like #5 the most, “Discipline is an asset.” It presents a very interesting balance between being spontaneous and being controlled.

Though we are free in spirit, when it comes to business, we have to take things a little more seriously. We need to be strict with our schedules.

Be revolutionary and don’t be afraid to make changes.

This is hard and thrilling at the same time. Hard because many would resist your ideas and thrilling because you are completely driven by your thoughts and that’s a beautiful thing.

It is a matter of learning how to express yourself in order to heal and reinvent the messy and imperfect situation that you are in right now. Have a guiding principle that justifies your cause.

Believe that you are capable of creating something unique and original that could improve the system around you and that gives you a leap forward.

And speaking of revolutionary and first of its kind, have you heard of this device called NeuroLife?

This amazing brain implant is designed to restore hand movements in paraplegic patients. Aside from treating paralysis, it could also be used in the future by victims of stroke and those with brain damage.

Make better decisions by following your instincts.

This may sound crazy, but there are certain techniques that you can do to tune in to your intuition like yoga and meditation.

Actually, this idea is backed by science. Check this out – “Gut Instincts: Scientists Prove You Have a Second Brain in Your Stomach.”

This explains that butterflies in our stomach whenever we feel distressed or nervous about something.

Ladies, be responsible of your life and your dreams. Live fearlessly every day by making bold decisions, taking actions and preparing yourself for the consequences.

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