Been a While Since You Updated Your Underwear Drawer? Here Are 5 Things to Keep In Mind

Image by: Kerri Polizzi
By Krista Michaels

Are you “too old” for thongs?  Does underwear have an age limit? Here are five things to consider when you hit the intimates section.

#1) Know Your Body Type

What’s more important than your actual age when it comes to your underwear selection is your body type, and where you’re comfortable flaunting versus what areas could use a little extra help. Anyone can wear a thong but if you are uncomfortable with your rear being unsupported in fitted clothes you might want to think about more structured options like shape wear.

Boy short cut underwear are a popular choice for a little more coverage that still look cute and cheeky (pun intended) when your clothes come off as well. Particularly when they’re made with different patterns and colors. Don’t think that you have to give up comfort to look cute in those panties, or that the trending shapes aren’t going to work for you!

#2) Look For New Cuts Of Old Favorites

Maybe at one point you were a big fan of low-rise panties but now they just aren’t doing it for you. You don’t have to abandon them completely, instead check out new cuts that are always becoming available. You might just find your old favorites have been revived and are even better than before.

Just look at how bathing suits have evolved over the last ten years, odds are good that you have some pretty basic bikini bottoms lying around from a few years ago that are shaped in ways that seem cringeworthy to you now.

#3) Know that Your Sizes Can Change As Your Body Does

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you gain weight as you get older, but our bodies just naturally do change and shift over the years. Your hips might have widened at a certain point, your breasts might start to dip a little more. Especially if you’ve been pregnant or had kids.

If you are unsure of your current sizes or feel like you might be choosing the wrong ones always check with a professional who can measure you and get into the right size to support your frame.

#4) Match Your Underwear to Your Lifestyle

If wearing lingerie is on your agenda, by all means get some gorgeous and sexy lingerie. If you spend every afternoon in the gym, by all means invest in some moisture wicking underwear that won’t disrupt your workout. Think about what you value in your underwear experience and then get things that truly work with your lifestyle…as well as your clothing of choice.

Every woman should have some basics to work with a variety of different clothing options. You are probably at least somewhat familiar with how many different bra options there are out there that work with different types of tops, and underwear are no different.

#5) Know What Works With Your Body

Besides properly pairing your underwear with your clothing and your lifestyle, you might also want to think about works best for your body. Dealing with infections down there is never fun but if you are prone to them making some changes in your underwear might be able to help. Getting sweaty is a common offender for growing bacteria, so it’s generally not suggested to go commando for workouts unless your workout gear is specifically wicking the sweat away, and then it’s fine.

Underwear that is silk or some other material should always have a cotton panel in the crotch area to make sure that everything stays protected, although some professional suggest that all underwear should be completely made out of cotton for it to be safe. For some people thongs can be irritating, since the thin strip sits to closely to the body. E coli is a common bacteria in the colon and if any of it gets transferred along the course of your thong while you move around it can easily cause an infection.

Those risks can go up during menstruation. Other people even develop small skin tags from the friction of wearing thongs. Others have no issues at all, it really just depends on your own body and is all the more reason to tune in and make the right choices for yourself, no matter what trends everyone else is following around you.

Are you gearing up for underwear shopping and don’t really know where to start? Let us know if any of these tips gave you a starting point and what you end up with!

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