Here’s How You Can Better Control the Constantly Transforming Journey Of Your Life

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By Anne Cacherell

Last week, I saw a former colleague by chance at the mall. Her name is Pia and she looked stunning with her simple make-up and gorgeous pumps.  I almost didn’t recognize her because she looked completely different.

Anyway, the amazing thing was her transformation. Pia used to be in an unhealthy relationship. We used to talk about how jealous and possessive her ex-BF was. Way back in the day, she wasn’t very fashionable. She wore baggy jeans, flats, sneakers and wouldn’t even shave her eyebrows because she didn’t want to upset her ex-BF.

So, after seeing her in all the glory, I couldn’t help but ask why she was looking so ravishing. She told me that what triggered her to change was when she found out that her ex-BF was cheating on her. That was enough for her to wake up, give up putting up with him and move on.

In my mind, that was perfect because I had been telling her that ever since her relationship with him got bad.  But you know, my opinion wasn’t enough to convince her.

Not that she was stupid to stay in that toxic relationship for 3 years, it would be wrong for us to judge her. It’s just that some types of transformation don’t really work that way.

Big and positive changes in our lives require a catalyst. Unfortunately, most of the time, it comes in the form of difficult situations.

For Pia, it was pain that made her realize that she had to move on and be happy again.

Her case was no different from Lexi Palmer’s story. What made her change her game was realizing that her fear of losing was normal.

I agree with her for as long as the person who scares you is also the same person who makes you feel fearless in other parts of your life, who inspires you in conquering obstacles and who serves as your strength in pushing past roadblocks so you can go after your dreams.

Going deeper or investing emotionally can be horrifying, but it is essential to bringing in more love and fulfillment in your relationship.

Another crucial thing that we have to think of when we are going through metamorphosis is our purpose.

You cannot depend on anything or anyone to tell you what you’re meant to do or what you’re meant to be in this lifetime.  Your purpose is something that you have to create and define for yourself.

To enlighten your way into finding your passion and to get past the obstacles that are blocking you from knowing your soul purpose, check out these 5 steps to help you figure out what to do with your life.

It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the meaning of what you do in order to develop a logical plan of action to achieve wonderful outcomes.

After creating a course of action, the next step is to have a more positive mindset.

Adopt a unique approach and be ready to do things differently.

As your priorities change, there will be some habits, practices and feelings that you may have to let go of because they will no longer be acceptable, applicable or beneficial to your new life.

You need to be ready for this evolutionary mind shift by releasing your fear, insecurities and inhibitions to make your plans work.

This same principle applies in business ladies. You may have to use different tactics for every unique situation to be more effective.

For example, there are certain strategies that work for big business but won’t really work when you have a specific target market. Check this out – “4 Ways to Win at Local Content Marketing.”

You need to come up with unique marketing content that your local audience can relate to, from featuring local experts, to participating in local events, boosting your credibility through specialized local search results and using paid content distribution options.

After understanding your situation, defining your purpose and shifting to a more positive perspective, your transformation is almost complete.

Everything will fall into place, as long as you keep on moving.

It wouldn’t make sense to undergo all those pains and changes when you don’t follow-through to improve your work and live with meaning.

Like a butterfly, your journey doesn’t end after you’ve spread your wings and fly. You must drink nectar from flowers and help in the pollination so that the world will have more beautiful flowers.

So, take regular action to make yourself better and upgrade the quality of your life. It can be as simple as keeping yourself healthy or strengthening your thinking skills.

As we grow old, it’s kind of inevitable to experience some weakening in our mental functions that we easily become forgetful. Our sharpness declines as we age but there are ways to avoid this from happening by doing activities like yoga and meditation.

Evaluating where you currently stand and understanding why you have to embrace the changes in your life are part of the whole journey and the complete experience of being alive. You have to be patient and you have to believe in yourself to create a brand new passion, a new career and a more promising life.


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