3 Quick At Home Workouts For When You Can’t Go To The Gym

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It’s too cold/hot to leave the house.  There isn’t enough gas in the car.  It’s my only day off.  If you’re stuck at home for one reason or another or don’t feel like getting out of the house, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to go to the gym. Just do one of these 3 at home workouts, and you’re done!

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The truth is, sometimes the excuses we give for not working out are actually excuses for not leaving the house.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  Who wants to put on yoga pants and a tank top in this weather, only to go to a humid, germ farm where guys gawk at you?

Well, I have the perfect excuse for the excuses we make for missing workouts.  Where there is a floor, there is a way.  Here are some quick at-home workouts to help you get a session in without facing the bitter cold, the melting heat or the public eye.

Easy At Home Workouts For Women

#1. Quick Cardio

To really burn off those calories, cardio is the way to go! Get your heart racing and your sweat flowing.  This is the best way to start any exercise routine.

  • Get your blood pumping with some pendulum kicks
  • Next, get your arms involved with hooks, uppercuts, and jumping jacks
  • Get to those lateral cross lunges to keep yourself moving. 
  • Crossover jumps are another great way to get your muscles moving.
  • Next up?  The dreaded Burpee

I’m sorry ladies, but these are great ways to get that cardio in.  They also help with balance and leg muscles.  Move on to high kicks, then hop squats.  What are hop squats, you ask?  Well… they are exactly what they sound like: squat then hop, repeat. Add in a side lunge/jumping jack combo to keep that heart racing.

Think that’s going to take too long?  Check out this eight-minute video that incorporates all of those cardio exercises!

Here’s another cool way to exercise at home: hula hooping 🙂

#2. Quick Butt & Thigh Toning

Come on, ladies! This is really why we go to the gym.  It’s also the most difficult to commit to.  So let’s get those buns burnin’!

Start with a side lunge.  Make sure you’re stretching those muscles all the way down your leg.  Follow that up with some swinging bridges.  Next up, ski squats.  Here is where you’re really going to feel that burn!

Woo! Bring on the pulse lunges! If you thought regular lunges toned you up, try these upgrades!  How about a shoulder bridge next?  This one is great because it also works your core! Okay, girls, here’s the tough one: The side plank with leg raises

Don’t quit!

Keep up the good work!

Feel the burn!

Take a look at this ten-minute video incorporating all of these exercises.

#3. Quick Core

While many of the exercises already shown work the core, it is important to focus on core exercises to tighten up that belly fat!

Start off with some flutter kicks.  These will get your legs and abs working overtime!  Reaching crunches come next, followed by side hip raises.  Make sure you keep your core active by tightening up those belly muscles!

Try a nice Russian twist by sitting up on your tail bone and twisting your abs from side to side.  Ouch! That burn is going to pay off, I promise!  Toe touch crunches are a great way to work on balance, abs, and leg stretches.

Bring on the leg pulls! Get into push-up position, and instead of moving your arms, lift one leg into the air, and bring it down slowly; alternate your legs, lifting for forty-five seconds.   Since you lived through that, try some face-up leg pulls!

Cool down those abs with some soothing toe taps.  Lay on your back, bring your knees up (as though you are in sitting position).  Bring one toe to the ground, then return to the knees-up position.  Alternate legs for forty-five seconds.

Wrap it up with some knee tuck crunches.  This is basically an exercise that turns your body into an accordion.  It requires nearly all of your muscles to be involved!

Check out the video below to see all of these exercises done in ten minutes.

See? That wasn’t so hard! Okay, okay… I know it was a burner, but if you did all of these exercises, you spent less than thirty minutes whipping your body into shape! For some of us, it takes longer than thirty minutes to drive to the gym! Think of all the time you saved while still getting a gym-level workout at home!

Want more ideas for at home workouts? This book offers 100 no equipment workouts! Give it a try.

Do you have any at-home workouts that you like? Any great excuses to avoid the gym? Share these with us in the comments below!

3 Quick At Home Workouts For When You Can't Go To The Gym

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