As a Female Entrepreneur Consider These 4 Tips When Trying to Attract the Male Demographic

By Lucy Clara

You might think that the only way to get into the psyche of the male is to flash expensive cars, sports, and women in their faces. Part of this is true. However, marketer’s schemes in attracting the attention of men is more complex than that.

Just like women, men normally look for bargains when they are in the hunt for something that they truly want. And also just like women, men prefer to do their research before making the commitment to purchase something.

As a female entrepreneur, it is in your best interest to know the shopping habits of the male. Where they usually shop, how information is obtained, why they shop and most importantly, what attracts them to a particular brand are all key factors in gaining knowledge for your own business.

Here are 5 pointers to keep in mind when searching for ways to have all male eyes on your products or services.

#1) Men Have Feelings Too

It may seem like a good idea to appeal to men by stirring up their ego. On the contrary, many advertisers are utilizing emotion to grab hold of our male counterparts by tugging at their hearts.

It wasn’t too long ago that commercials and magazines thought that the best way to get in touch with your male side is to showcase macho depictions of what it’s like to be a real man. However, that marketing tactic won’t necessarily work today. Men today are a bit different in that emotions are the norm.

People are different in their emotional triggers, meaning that certain images or phrases might trigger an emotion in an individual. In terms of marketing, it is important to look at the male market individually.

#2) Out With the Old, In With the New

Men still love to see women and hot cars, but at the end of the day, that still isn’t enough to make a profit. As I said, emotions play a key role in getting your products sold to the right audiences.

Today’s men are searching for deeper meaning and to feel like they can be something great. In other words, by advertising in a way that makes your customers feel good, you will not only appeal to them on a deeper level than just boobs and engines, but will make them think as though they can obtain a particular lifestyle. Of course that varies according to each man.

Not all men are macho and not all men are into the same things. In order to gain a vast knowledge about your customers, do your homework. What is it that they really need? Men might be visual creatures, but when it comes down to it, they aren’t that different.

#3) Who Is Your Specific Audience?

Like women, men come from all walks of life. Some are fathers, engineers, lawyers, surfers, corporate execs, the whole gamut. Men are also found in all age groups, classes, races, the whole nine yards.

If you product is for a man to purchase, what kind of man are you looking to attract to your brand? Is it the work at home father who has a difficult time juggling life between work, chores and the kids? Or is your product all about the jet setting man who loves to travel and lives ambitiously?

How you market your brand plays an important role in who you will attract. This works for any type of marketing. Although we are gaining more equality by the day, men are still seen as the heroes and caretakers of families, so it’s best to use an approach that will make them wake up or scare them, as studies shows that men aren’t so wired to multitask and they might need an extra push to spur them to take action to buy.

#4) Take Advantage of Men’s Disadvantages

Studies show that men are more prone to asking sales reps for help, searching for online reviews and applying for rewards programs, which is great for your business.

Since men are so inclined to be spend more loosely than their female counterparts, then you can draw in customers by creating programs and coupons that will make business exchanges more ideal.

Men are more inclined to stay well-informed when researching and keeping in touch with the company they love. Feedback, a great support team and customer service are all factors that will keep you in business with the male market of today.

Today’s male is much different than that of yesteryear. As a female entrepreneur, you may make the assumptions of what you think is best for what men want, but taking the time to do your own research will prove to be a time and business saver in the long run.

Please tell us what you think! What factors do you notice in the shopping habits of men vs. women? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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