Are Focus Groups An Effective Marketing Tool For Your Business?

Are Focus Groups An Effective Marketing Tool For Your Business? 1
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By Theresa Grant

When it comes to making sure your next product launch is a success; there are tons of marketing techniques you can do to see whether or not the general public would actually enjoy your product! Whether it’s the next dietary energy shot or a product a big group of people – you need to know whether people are willing to purchase it.

So how can you effectively make sure your product will be a success? Put together a focus group of a variety of different people in your target market. If it’s a niche market (such as pregnant women) – put a focus group together from a variety of numerous pregnant women to see whether or not they would purchase it.

Elements Of A Successful Focus Group

There are roughly 3-4 key elements to keep in mind when it comes to your focus group. The first element is who you are recruiting. You need to find a variety of people in your target market (different genders, races, orientations, etc.) to make sure your niche market would want to purchase it.

You can do this by offering a small incentive to spend an hour or a couple hours at your focus group. Whether that’s free product, a small amount of money, or maybe a small gift – no matter what you do, make sure there is incentive for being there.

The second element is to have a very informative moderator. You don’t want the group saying that they love the product because the president is moderating the group. It has to be someone outside of the company that has good product knowledge. That way; they can answer questions that may arise.

The moderator also has to know what the owner, president, or CEO wants to accomplish with this focus group. Whatever the information that they seek; the moderator has to make sure to get that information.

The last element to a successful focus group is to find out your conclusion. At the end of the group; the person in charge of the focus group should come in the room and thank everyone.

They should also ask questions like “would you use this service or purchase this product if it were on the shelves today?”, “how does it taste?”, etc.

Once you have a definite answer, you are able to move on to either a. scrap the product and try something different or b. take the next steps to launch the product/service.

How To Effectively Recruit A Successful Focus Group

There are numerous deciding factors to determine whether the focus group was successful or a flop; but I’m here to make sure that you always put together a successful and informative group.

What you’re going to have to do is interview hundreds of people for your focus group and screen them to make sure their demographic is the one you are looking for. Whether that takes a day, a week, or even a month; you have to have the right people in the group.

Make sure that the people you recruit will speak their minds and won’t be afraid to tell the truth. A lot of focus groups fail because the target market didn’t speak their mind; so have a list of questions for them to answer (whether out loud or on a piece of paper) truthfully.

The last thing you are going to have to do is not judge them by how they look. Just because someone looks well put together doesn’t mean they can give you an educated statement and vice versa. Looks should never predetermine whether or not they can be effective in your focus group.

Ultimately; focus groups are extremely effective. Just make sure you ask all of the right questions before you conclude the group so you know whether or not to move forward with your product/service.

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