After 40 Years Of Marriage They Share Their Secret to Staying In Love
By Julie Redwood

The woman who has melted Bill Bresnan’s heart now his wife, Kristen Bresnan, a woman who once captured Bills attention on a commuter train over 40 years ago.

After meeting over coffee and donuts, the rest is history.

Bill would write notes, which eventually turned into cards, every morning on a napkin, noting to Kristen of his affections for her after all these years. Up until now, Bill has written around 10,000 letters and the couple is still as in love with each other as they day they met on the train that day.


“All the letters are signed, ‘I love you, my darling’ with an infinity sign. They’re essentially a love diary.”

The twist to the story is that the two had battled cancer a only few years ago as Kristen held Bill’s hands through treatments only for Bill to return the favor, when she got cancer also, soon after.

When the doctor told me I had cancer a few years ago, Kirsten was right next to me holding my hand,” he recalled. “It wasn’t, ‘You have cancer,” it was, ‘We have cancer.’ And I did the same thing for her when she got cancer a few years later.

As we all know, relationships come and go without so much of a thought as what makes love so special. Bill wants us to remember the good times that we all share with the ones we love.

“If the world knows how I feel about this woman, maybe, maybe someone of them will say ‘Gee, why aren’t I doing that? Why am I focusing all the minutia and all the nonsense instead of focusing on what’s real. This is real,” he said.

Bill also adds ,“The key to any relationship is that you both have to work at it every day. And never go to bed mad. Talk about everything. Everything should get resolved before your goodnight kiss.”

Bill and Kristen are a living fairy tale. By showing love everyday and not letting the little things get the best of the relationship, you too, can make love last.

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