After 35 Years Of Living On the Street, One Woman’s Simple Act Of Kindness Changed His Life

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By Valerie Miller

Most of us are not friendly with the homeless people we see out on the streets. For many reasons we avoid them and they mostly avoid us. But for Shalla Monteiro, a branding expert living in São Paulo, Brazil she was compelled by her curiosity to stop and talk to a homeless man one day in the city. She learned his name was Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho and he had been living on the streets for 35 years. A small camp on a grassy walkway between two streets he called “The Island” was serving as his home where he would do the thing he loved the most, write.

After forming a friendship with Raimundo, Monteiro started a Facebook page for him to help get his writing out into the world. Watch the video to see what unbelievable thing happened next that would change Raimundo’s life forever.

What did you think of the video? What a way to cap a happy ending! Have you ever stopped to talk to a person living on the street or are you active in your community in helping the less fortunate? Please tell us your stories and share this amazing video with your friends and family.


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