A Stereotype Turns Into a Life Changing Event When This Woman Rescues a Pit Bull

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By Julie Redwood

Libby is a kindhearted pit bull in need of a home. In 2011 her dog family was euthanized in an animal shelter. Because pitt bulls carry the weight of being stereotyped as vicious animals, this makes it difficult for Libby to find a home.

With the help of Operation Pets Alive, started by Marcia Poitter, Libby’s life was saved. As an animal lover herself, Marcia was hesitant to bring in the dog because of her own beliefs about pit bulls. However, she did and Libby has stayed with her for 3 years as a foster dog. From then on, Libby’s outlook was looking up.






Everybody liked to watch her play with the water hose, chasing and pouncing on any liquid that came out,” Marcia says.

Brad Croft of Universal K9 met Libby and decided to raise  $1,000 to help her become a service dog. Miraculously, Brad’s attorney, Debra, also has a pit bull and she donated the money to help out.

Today, Libby is now living with the officer who is training her and is on her way to becoming a narcotics dog.



Libby’s new life is looking very optimistic and now she can be of service to those around her, saving lives as they have saved hers.

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