9 Little Ways to Show Him Your Appreciation For the Small Stuff that Will Have a Big Impact

Image by: Nate Grigg
By Bailey Campbell

Being grateful for the things he does for you, no matter how big or small, shows him that his efforts are not wasted. Luckily every day is filled with plenty of opportunities to express this gratitude.

Here are nine ways to show your appreciation for him that will help build a stronger bond.

#1) Thank Him For the Little Stuff

It’s easy to think of things like taking out the garbage as almost a job, it must be gone and someone has to do it. But it isn’t a job, so noticing when he does the small things and thanking him for it can make a huge impact. Don’t underestimate the effort behind it just because you take part in the chores as well, he is more likely to respond in gratitude to you as well you do so to him.

#2) Show Your Gratitude For His Differences

One of the amazing things about being in a relationship is that two people can be so different, but get along so well. Surely there are things about him that are not reflected in your own personality, and he might not know that you really respect or are inspired by certain things about him.

Maybe you’re more reserved and he seems fearless (to a fault), but he’s brought you out of your comfort zone many times. Tell him you’re thankful for that part of him.

#3) Tell Him Why You’re Thankful

It’s one thing to just thank him for washing your car, but if you tell him how much you appreciated it because it gave you time to finish that novel you’re reading, the thanks will seem so much more purposeful. He might do much of this stuff out of habit so it will make him feel extra good to be so specifically appreciated for it.

#4) Do More of the Little Things For Him

It’s great to do large gestures of thanks or gift giving but it’s also great to do it in the small moments. Prepare his coffee for him while he’s in the shower or throw his laundry in with yours. It’s not doing the little things to get the thanks for it, but rather because he’s always on your mind and handling both of your business’ is your priority.

#5) Appreciate the Efforts, Not Just the Results

Sometimes we don’t see the results right away from a lot of the efforts that people put in each day, but start paying attention to the time he spends doing great things and not just what happens when things go well. If a dinner plan fell through when the restaurant lost your reservation, thank him for making the effort in the first place and stay lighthearted about the rest of it.

#6) Thank Him in Written Form

Verbal thank you’s are great, but it can also be fun to mix it up and send him text messages or even leave notes. Sending him seemingly random texts about how grateful you are will make a big impact in how he views your relationship, and also make him consider his gratitude for you. Gratitude tends to build on itself the more it is expressed.

#7) Encourage Him to Do Things that He Loves

Nothing shows trust and appreciation like encouraging someone to go after their dreams large and small. Pay attention to what he talks about wanting to do or try and look for opportunities to send his way. If he’s been a little busy to keep up his beloved bicycling habits, suggest he carve out some time on an upcoming Sunday morning to commit to getting back out there, even if that means rescheduling your own Sunday plans.

#8) Be Consistent

Random acts of gratitude can be very meaningful, but for the most part it’s helpful to keep up with it all the time, and that includes in public as well as behind closed doors. You don’t need to go over the top or be showy about your gratitude, but don’t forget that him opening your car door is as deserving of thanks as him giving you a nice purse for your birthday.

#9) Be Kind

It’s not always easy to be over the top nice in relationships, we all have our off days and sometimes they coincide where both people in a relationship are having off days the same day. But focus on making the kinder choices more of the time and things will really start to change in your relationships. Snapping back when he’s sassing you might be tempting, but if you know he’s in bad mood maybe try giving him a little space to cool off instead.

Do you look for new ways to thank your man or do you feel like you’ve got it covered? Let us know if you have any favorite ways to show your appreciation for all that he does!

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