9 Infuriating Habits that Guys Think Flatter Women on Dating Sites

Julie Redwood

Dating sites are a great way to meet that potential significant other or get to know people. Whatever your reason may be, we can all pretty much agree that no one likes to be treated as a second-class citizen, ‘amirite?” So why is it that some guys tend to lose their manners and minds when it comes to meeting women on online dating websites?

Chalk it up to our patriarchal society teaching men that they can act any old way and expect more or just plain lack of home training. Online dating, however, is a great way to avoid the crazies so that you may get to know someone. I for one, almost gave up on the opposite sex due to their unruly behavior. There is hope ladies and as for you guys out there, here are 9 extremely infuriating traits of online male behavior that must be done away with immediately. Take notes.

1. “Unfunny” jokes that you clearly copied and pasted to dozens of other women 


One of the worst things that a guy can do when meeting someone online is to send an obvious copied and pasted joke that is not only original but he didn’t even take the time to tailor to the recipient. It’s a classless and boring move that sometimes come in excessively long essay-length paragraphs. Here’s an idea: Just be yourself. That always works!

2. Weird, fetishy come-ons


 There are fetish websites that you can go to where the women will actually allow you to pee on them. It’s not Match.com or OkCupid. So, rather than opening up a really awkward line with, “Can I worship and suck your feet?” , take the easy route and get a membership to a  site where the girl you meet will actually enjoy the same thing that you do without having to call the cops.

3. Race-based compliments


 It’s one thing for a guy to compliment a woman on her big brown eyes, beautiful full lips or hair, but adding a back-handed compliment such as “you’re pretty for a black girl” or “I always wanted to date Asian because I heard they are knock-outs in bed” is not o.k. Not only are you being racist, but no one wants to feel like you are dating them so you can check their ethnicity off your list of women that you dated so you can pat yourself on the back later. Congratulations! You’ve managed to reduce your date to her ethnicity, have a cookie then choke on it.

4. Mirror Selfies


Men who take mirror selfies are usually not the type to end up in long-term romantic bliss. In fact, the opposite is true. he  will likely end up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to love with nothing to hold onto but his toothpaste-splattered phone.

5. Muscle Selfies


No woman has ever been turned on by a man snapping a shot (probably in his mom’s basement) of his deltoids and deep V. The only women who get hot looking at these types of photos are probably just as tacky themselves.

6. Comments about our bodies or requests for more photos. 


No woman wants to be greeted with “Ay, show me more boob then we’ll talk”. If you’re going to message someone whom you hope to land a first date with, then a simple, “hello” will suffice. If her beautiful face isn’t enough to warrant you to go out with her, then please by all means, move on already. No need to subjecting her to over-the-top requests to send a complete stranger a photo of herself in a birthday suit.


7. Going straight to asking us out without so much as a hello


Thanks for trying, I guess? But next time,  how about a “hello?”  It’s common courtesy. Who knows? she could be a serial killer who eats men. The point of dating is to get to know each other, but that can be challenging being that you didn’t even get to know her at all before you decided to suddenly invade her space While you’re at it, take up a course in how to properly greet people you never met. You might learn something.


8. Adding us on social media before we’ve interacted IRL


We know, you’re all excited to that you have a hot chick who seems interested in you but cool your jets.  Social media is a sacred place. Are you particularly ready to get to know her family and friends? It’s one thing to add her once you’ve gotten to know her, but anything sooner doesn’t fall too short of creepy and unacceptable.

9. Losing your goddamn mind when we decline



We can’t all get what we want, which is a basic truth of life. Throwing a tantrum like a 2-year old isn’t going to make her change her mind of going out with you, not to mention it doesn’t necessarily show you in a good light either. I suggest you learn how to take rejection like an adult before someone gets hurt.

On a second note, no one wants to be subjected  to a plethora of slurs and put-down like “you fat bitch, know one wants you anyways.” or “you’re not that hot and I didn’t want you to begin with.” It’s rude and uncalled for. How would you like if a woman you rejected did those things to you? I thought so.

The best thing about online dating is that it gives us an opportunity to have our pick of fish in the sea. It’s OK if one doesn’t work out because there are others’ who would be more than willing to go out with you. However, if you perform any of these stunts, unless the woman is one sandwich short of a picnic or simply doesn’t value herself as a human, then your chances of landing someone are slim.

Dating can be rough. Have you ever had any of these situations happen to you in an online dating site? What types of things would you add to the list? Many people don’t seem to understand that there is internet decorum as well as dating propriety. If you are gracious and polite, then dating should come easy to you. Tell us what you think! 


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